October 27 Portsmouth

It was a bit of a noisy night here. A couple of times, we thought the wind was coming up but the noise we heard was from the open deck bridge across the water. We did sleep in until after 08:00 though! We had decided that we would take a day here to rest and do laundry. Jim and Cheryl had some things to get over in Norfolk so they dingied over there to rent a car. We headed into the marina beside us and for a fee, we could use the dinghy dock, the showers, laundry room, wifi, and their pool. Not sure how warm the water would be but the weather today sure is warm, in the 30’s. They have an inground, floating pool that goes up and down with the tide. The marina attendant said there are only 3 on the eastern seaboard.

We started our laundry, showered, face timed some of the kids, tried others but they were at work and we got caught up on some emails. We also chatted with some ladies in the laundry room. One who lives on her boat here at the marina year round. When the laundry was finished, we dropped it off at the boat and then walked uptown for a late lunch. I forgot the camera. Grr! and we walked through historic Portsmouth. Beautiful old homes and streets.

We came back to the boat, worked on our blog and then Jim and Cheryl stopped in for a few minutes. We had plans tonight to go to the Commodore Theatre with them. (We heard about it from the folks we met at Solomon’s). We picked them up at 17:00 and dingied over to the dock. I took the camera this time, but didn’t get too much of the historic district as we didn’t walk up through there, just walked by the begining of the district on the way to the theatre.

And just a few more, sure wished I had taken the camera in the afternoon as further up the streets, there were beautiful homes.

On the way to theatre, we saw a beautiful church and this frog sculpture. Reminded us of our granddaughter Elle. She always draws her little legs up like a frog so Grampie started calling her froggy.

I took this photo of the theatre and the placque in front of the building too. The sun was shining on the side of it but at least you can read the words.

All the seats were taken out and replaced with tables and chairs on castors to turn for viewing the movie. There is a telephone on the table and you are brought a menu and must order your meal by the telephone on your table before 18:30. Your meal is brought within the next few minutes and if you ordered dessert, that will be brought out later while you’re watching the movie. You can also pick up the phone and order popcorn throughout the show as well. Show started at 19:00 and the feature presentation was The Judge. It starred Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. It was a good show and the food and service was excellent. Tickets for the show were $8.00, $7.00, if you wanted to pay cash. The girl at the box office chatted a bit and we told her we were from Canada and on a boat headed south. We guess she told the owner as he came to meet us before the show and welcomed us. He said he heard we were from up north. lol Anyway, he told us the theatre opened in 1945 as a regular theatre and closed in 1971. It sat vacant until he bought it in 1987 for $200,000. He had a dream and spent about $600,000 to take out all the seats, put in the tables, and do any repairs needed on the ceiling, etc for sitting vacant for so long. All the murals decor are the same as in 1945, even the theatre curtain. He even spoke with us after the movie and wished us well on our trip. He mentioned that a young fellow came to him after seeing a show there and wanted to start one in NYC, which he did and it is doing great. Check out the link for this Portsmouth one. If you ever find yourself there, you should go. They also have a few days of matinees.

And here is the theatre room. A nice man walking by us took a photo of us with our camera.

It was an enjoyable evening and warm night as we walked back to get to the boat. Great memories of Portsmouth and Norfolk.

4 thoughts on “October 27 Portsmouth

    1. We will look it up, Charlene. We are in South Carolina right now and that place may well be on one of our stops when we get there.


  1. Wow, that theatre is beautiful, what a great idea!!!
    PS – love the frog!!!! It would go well in Cutie’s bedroom with her pink one 🙂


    1. Yes, it sure was a great night there. This guy had a vision and made it happen. Yes, I thought the same thing about the frog. xo


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