October 26 Indian Creek to Norfolk

Last night was our first night in Virginia and it was incredibly calm in our anchorage. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise and on our starboard side we could see and hear kids at a children’s camp. Finally seeing some colour change in the trees too. By the time we weighed anchor at 07:50, the sun was shining brightly.

On our way out we saw some more gorgeous places on the water. Some had retaining walls in front.

The winds were NW 10-15, up to 20 kn and we motored sailed. Another beautiful day out on the Chesapeake. We could see beautiful beaches and beach side homes along the shoreline.



We sailed along and just before 15:00, we headed in between Hampton and towards Norfolk.

We saw a Fort Wool Navy Base tour boat out and aircraft carriers.

So many naval ships, as far as the eye could see and lots of Navy police out too.

IAnd look at this US Hospital Ship, love the name on it.




The Fleet Logistics Center and many other terminals are here. Also many container ports. It is a hub of activity in here and you have to be watching everywhere with tugs moving container and navy ships around. Here is just a couple of the terminals and ports.

We see so many dredgers too. This one we saw was piped underground and then we could see the pipe go up on land and from there it was spread by machines. The whole hill, we assumed was from the constant dredging.

Mike recognized the name on these freight cars, Norfolk Southern from all his years with the railway.

And we thought the grand boys would like all these cranes. Some even look like robots.

We continued on, looking for an anchorage and saw some more security out around the Naval ships. We also saw this neat little Elizabeth River Ferry.

We dropped anchor at 17:45 in Portsmouth not far from this “what looks like an abandoned boat” . Our view on the shore is nice and we are right across the river from Norfolk.

After supper, Jim and Cheryl picked us up and we dingied over to Norfolk. We walked around town a bit, found a Starbucks but it was closed. We went into Hooters for coffee and dessert and facetimed with the kids.

Today we travelled 58.5 nm.

2 thoughts on “October 26 Indian Creek to Norfolk

  1. If you have time while in Albemarle Sound, the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kittyhawk is really good. You’d have about a 40min walk from the dinghy each way though.


    1. Yes, I remember you and Doreen mentioned that you had gone there. We were past there when we got this post but thanks for thinking of us. By now, we are used to walking 40 min each way for groceries!


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