October 25 Solomon’s to Indian Creek

A very nice sunrise this morning and sunny day. We weighed anchor and left Solomon’s at 08:30.

We headed out and soon could see lots of boats on the horizon. We counted 12 at first. More than likely, all headed with the same final destination as ours.

We rolled out the jib. Winds were out of the NW 10-15 kn. We came upon these fishermen pulling up traps and washing them and would you look at the name on the boat….Amazing Grace!



And then we came upon lots of activity in the water and were surprised to see these pelicans.

We decided that we would hoist up the main. The first time going up on this trip. We were sailing along and turned off the engine. Amazing Grace had both her sails up as well.

It was a gorgeous day to be out on the Chesapeake and the sun dazzled on the water. Jim took some photos of Persuasion with both the sails up.

We passed by a lighthouse and a fishing weir.




We kept on sailing and enjoying the quietness. We saw so many beautiful homes and a beach resort or community centre.

More lovely homes and a grain elevator that loaded barges.

We set the anchor at 17:45 in Indian Creek and had more beautiful properties around us. Amazing Grace came over for coffee after supper. It was a very dark tonight with just a sliver of a moon but beautiful stars. The water was very calm and that means a great nights sleep.

Today we travelled 49.1 nm.

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