October 24- Spa Creek to Solomon’s

Persuasion is finally on the move. Yahoo!! We have been in Annapolis for 24 days. We were like permanent residents there! So many boats have left already. We weighed anchor around 8:30 and headed out of Spa Creek. The bridge opens at 07:00 and not again until 09:00 so we were ready and waiting. Ross from Black Hawke V dingied over on his way to town to bid farewell to us and Amazing Grace. His boat is the one in the background on the left picture. Looking forward to meeting his wife when she is on the boat down south.

Once under the bridge and out into the bay, we bid farewell to Annapolis and headed out to get some miles under Persuasion.

We saw many Naval ships lined up by the Academy and lots out doing manoeuvres.

So with Annapolis in the background and the Bay bridges to the left, we rolled out the jib and were sailing down the Chesapeake. We saw this neat looking boat sailing too.

Winds were NW 15-20 kn, gusting up to 25 at first but then back down and it was a great day. Neat looking lighthouses in the Chesapeake. We saw Chesapeake Beach on our starboard in the distance and what looked like sandy cliffs.

There was some activity on the bay today with container ships and a tug pushing a tanker barge went between Persuasion and Amazing Grace. As you can see, it was ploughing through the waves. Also in the distance we could see a landing field and hear some planes.

There was also an airport nearby as we heard planes and could see the markings on land. Awhile later we could see  oil tank farm on land there and obviously underground pipes to load the ships at the loading docks out in the bay.

Passed by another lighthouse, this time it was on shore and then sailed past a rock cliff and if you look really close, you will see four people scaling the wall.

We saw a fisherman checking his weir as we headed into Solomon’s around 16:00 and dropped anchor. Neat looking tall ship in here.

We were asked to join a couple of other boaters at a Tiki bar for a drink before supper. We had seen their boats in Annapolis when we were there but hadn’t met them. They are on catamarans and met in Trinidad 2 and a half years ago and have been sailing together ever since. One couple has been sailing around for 9 years. Both couples are from South Africa, although one wife is Canadian and grew up in Port Credit, ON. She moved to South Africa years ago. It was an enjoyable hour or so.

We than came home and ate supper and blogged a bit. We were both dizzy tonight and guessed it was because we had been away from motoring and sailing for so long.

The Captain turned in around 20:00 while I looked at the daily photos. We promise to upload another blog tomorrow. Thank you to our followers for being so patient with us as we journey aboard Persuasion. Turned in before 22:00.

Today we travelled 46.3 nm.

7 thoughts on “October 24- Spa Creek to Solomon’s

  1. 24 days in one spot. You really are getting into this lifestyle. You may not be able to drive a car when you come home. 🙂

    Great photos again. I am waiting for the first palm tree.


  2. Not sure what happened to my post……
    The last half disappeared!
    Keep on enjoying your adventure! We are enjoying your blog!!


    1. Thanks, we’re trying to keep it up. Our wish is that there would be a new update every day, we’ll strive to do that.


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