October 13-23 Waiting for deliveries in Annapolis

Happy Thanksgiving to our family and friends in Canada! No turkey for us this year though. 😦 However we are wishing a 25th Happy Birthday today, to our beautiful baby Sarah today! What a year you are having! Engaged, first time home buyer, enjoying your new course in school and preparing for a wedding next year. Can’t wait to see you at Christmas and go bridal dress shopping.

We are awaiting deliveries this week of our solar panels and wind generator. Meanwhile, through the week we did a lot of walking back and forth to West Marine and Fawcett’s, a marine supply store. Amazing Grace and Persuasion both got new hosing from the head to the poop tanks. A dirty job but needed to be done! We were able to get the hose when Amber and Jason were here with the car. It rained on and off a good part of the week so it was good to get some things done inside.

Mike and Jim changed out his batteries, which by the way West Marine was very good for standing by their products. They were able to exchange the batteries without their receipt and they even offered to pick up the boys with the batteries in a truck and then drive them back. Great news since the batteries were around 140 lbs! Now that is service. Here are some photos of the Captains soldering lugs on the wires.

On Thursday, Mike and I walked up to the Laundromat and then enjoyed lunch in town. We were able to Face Time and get some emails done while we waited. The power boat show was starting for the next few days and we saw this neat quad ski near the docks. We saw him go by our boat after and it would have been neat to see him take it up on land. Another neat machine went by our boat too. The controls on it were like a rowing machine but it also had motors.

Later that afternoon, we were picked up by Ida and Miriam, the sisters we met at church who have adopted us. This time they picked us up in Ida’s 2000 Cadillac. They wanted to take us to the Country Buffet again. Had a great visit with them.

On Friday the 17th, we face timed with Scot. Happy 35th! So great to see you with Jody and Margaret. What a great hubby and dad you are. Miss you all so much. We are also thinking of Jody, her mom, Jackie and sister Karen as you all go to the funeral for Jody’s grandma today. We remember meeting her at your wedding. She was a lovely woman and lived a long life to 96 years! I’m sure she will be missed, especially by Jackie who was her caregiver for many years.

Our wind generator arrived on Friday as well but the pole for it will not be delivered until Tuesday. We would have liked to have gotten that installed this week. We had dinner on Amazing Grace and Cheryl cooked salsa chicken. It was yummy. We were joined by Ross, a guy we met at the Canadian get together. He is on his way south too on his Hunter 45 named Black Hawke V. He left Owen Sound and came down the Hudson. Since his wife is still working, she joined him for a vacation in Philadelphia and will come down again in the Bahamas. She is still in ON working.

Saturday, Mike, Jim and Ross biked up to Bacon Sails. Cheryl, Jim and Ross went shopping with Stanley’s car. We could have gone too but opted to go up town for showers and then rest a bit. He is one of the patrol boat operators here on Spa Creek. When he works on the pump out boat, he says he is the number 1 man for the number 2 job. lol. He is always smiling and a great guy. Makes everyone feel welcome. This particular day he was working on the Patrol 1 boat, checking anchors or for boats in trouble. Here is a photo of him and one of a younger fellow who was working on the pump out boat that day.

When we went in for showers, we noticed lots of boats lined up for the power boat show and the water taxi was out shuttling people around.
On Sunday, it was colder and windy. We walked to church and once again, our favourite ladies invited us to their home for lunch. We wanted to get back to the boat though because of the high winds. Miriam drove us back and we’re glad she did. We had moved a bit so we set the anchor again. We had supper aboard Amazing Grace. After supper we went to Ross’s boat with Jim and Cheryl to play dominoes. .

On Monday, we walked up to Giant, Fawcett’s and West Marine. Cheryl and I were waiting outside of West Marine for the boys with our carts all loaded up. A man walked out of the store and said ” You girls look like you could use a drive, you look like a couple of bag ladies”. “You wouldn’t happen to be on a boat would you? Being outside of West Marine makes me ask”. We told him that our hubby’s were inside so he may not have room for us but he said he would. So we all piled in and got a ride back. Being a sailor himself, he understands walking all over town with a cart piled up with provisions and boat stuff. In the evening, we all went over Black Hawke V. It was Ross’s birthday and I had made spaghetti sauce and Caesar salad and Cheryl and I bought a cake at Giant.

Tuesday morning, Mike dingied over to the harbourmasters office early as he knew his pole for the wind generator and solar panels were arriving. Jim and Ross went over too to help bring things back. It was just like Christmas. Mike was so excited. Jim and Mike got right to work on the panels. Mike needed a few SS elbows so Jim offered to bike up to West Marine for them. Meanwhile, Cheryl was busy as a beaver sewing on her enclosure. The guys finally came to put their lexan windows in the front. This will keep out a lot of wind for them. We all pooled resources and had BBQ chicken, potatoes, parsnips, green beans and salad on Black Hawke V.

Wednesday it was giving rain. A big shout out of Happy Birthday wishes to my sister, Heather in Indiana. Messaged her this morning. Would be great to have coffee and a visit with you. Mike and Jim worked on the wind generator. He picked up Cheryl to come over for lunch on Persuasion and since Mike needed some parts, we decided to put on our raingear and all walk uptown. We wanted to provision the boat as we thought we may leave in the morning. Man, did it rain! We were home by suppertime. Mike and I worked on pulling the wires through for both the wind and the solar until 10 pm.

Thursday we were up before 06:00 to finish up the solar. Wanted to get it connected and running before the sun came out. Success! Getting all those wires together and tied up and away from the engine while inside the locker is a challenge. Jim came over and we had hoped to have most of the wind generator up shortly after lunch but didn’t. The boys did a great job and guess I will take some credit for being the gopher and handing the tools when needed.

When they had it up and we saw it whirling around working well, we were so pleased. Finally by 18:00, we finished cleaning up and went into town for showers. We couldn’t believe how different it looked there. They had taken everything down from the sail and power boat shows and we saw buildings we didn’t notice before. It was dark but we walked up the streets one more time. We ordered a pizza to take back to the boat. Tomorrow, we will leave here and get some miles under our hull heading further south.

Here are some shots we promised earlier of our stay in Spa Creek with the beautiful homes and some along historic Annapolis, the State House and the Naval Academy.

2 thoughts on “October 13-23 Waiting for deliveries in Annapolis

  1. Thats exciting new about Sarah. What month and where and they bought a house too. Is it in Ottawa. you will have to fill me in on the details


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