October 8- 12 Amber visits Persuasion in Annapolis

Wednesday October 8, a beautiful day for Nannie and Grampie to finally hold our grandbabies after being on board for 4 months! And we had a great afternoon at Truxton Park meeting lots of fellow Canadians who are also headed to Bahamas and some even further south. Andy and Judy are on a 10 year plan to Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, Cuba, Puerto Rico and even further, wherever the winds take their sails. What a commitment! Lots of munchies and boat cards being passed around. Sorry, no photos. We should have taken the camera! It was a fun time. The time flew while we were all chatting. It was scheduled for 2-5 and we couldn’t believe the time when the party busted up.

Amber was supposed to arrive by 5:30 but we heard it would be more like 6:30 when she would get in. We had met a guy from New Orleans on Sunday at the dinghy dock when we were going to church and he was born and raised in Saint John. he came to the Canadian get together with his sister and brother in law who were visiting from Saint John. They told us they parked their car on the street very close to our boat and we could tie our dinghy there. No parking restrictions and perfect for Amber and Jason. Turns out that Jim’s brother is very good friend with the brother in law. Small world!

We took our dinghy and Jim took his too because we knew there would be lots of bags with three kids in tow. They arrived shortly after 6:30 or so and since it was dusk, got no photos but we wouldn’t have time anyway. Too busy hugging everyone. It was wonderful seeing them all. We got them all on board and the van parked and had a great evening. My have they ever grown! And the boys were so anxious to tell us all about the fun they had at Great Wolf Lodge. Persuasion had 7 people on board and Mike joked we should change the name to “Sardines R Us”. Lucky for us that we have the enclosure and could keep suitcases up there. The first night went extremely well, getting beds made up and kids settled down.

On Thursday, we woke up to sun and the kids had fun getting familiar with the boat again. Cutie was just a baby last summer when we were on the boat and didn’t have much time this spring to be on Persuasion before we left. She loved walking around touching things. What a cute little girl. No wonder her nickname is Cutie. (Actually, Tayton had that name for her before she was even born). Jason had to take a conference call and then by mid morning, we were ready to go out for the day.

Here are some more photos of the kids playing in the cockpit. This enclosure gives us a whole new room. It is great.

We all got in the van and after a quick stop at Starbucks, we drove into Washington, DC. It is only about a 30 minute drive from here. What a beautiful city. It is definitely a city we would like to go back to and take time on a hop on hop off tour bus. We saw lots of sights and will post photos at the end of this blog. It was a sunny, warm afternoon and we did a lot of walking. We stopped at a Walmart on the way back and then took the kids to the Old Country Buffet for supper. The boys sure loved the sundae bar. And in the evening, they enjoyed one of their movies on the iPad in the Vberth. Cutie was her usual good self and fell asleep after cuddles and her bottle.

On Friday, we went into the boat show and Amber, Jason and kids drove into Baltimore, only about another 25-30 minute drive from here too. They took the kids to the Aquarium there. Lots of chatter that night about everything they saw and the neat turtle tattoo stamp they got when they went in. So fun listening to them.

On Saturday, Amber and Jason went to check out a few shops in the area and we kept the kids on the boat. It rained most of the day. Mike and I finally got to watch the movie Frozen that the boys love so much. What a great movie. In the afternoon, Jason, Amber, Elle, Cheryl and I went to Target and a couple of other stores and Grampie and Jim stayed with the boys. And when the rain cleared, they each took a boy and had dinghy races. When we got back, both boys were sound asleep. When they woke up, they told us all about their fun adventure. And Elle looks like she is having a fun time on Persuasion tonight too.

That evening, Amber and Jason went up for showers and the kids played here and while I was doing dishes, Elle fell asleep. What an easy, peasy little girl. She is so much like our kids were. As long as she has her blanky, she will sleep anywhere.

Then came Sunday morning, time for them to pack up and go home. Jason and Amber took the first load over with their suitcases and I missed taking that photo. Then they took the boys.

They were off with that load and Amber waited with the boys at the van for the rest of us.




Jason came back for Cutie and us and oh my, Elle loved the dinghy. She was leaning over the front of it, trying to reach the water and we had to get her to stand up and look at us for the photo.

We all went in their van to walk around historic Annapolis and by 10:30 they were gone. 😦 It was sad to see them leave and I guess Tayton had to put his sunglasses on to hide his tears when they were driving away. It was a wonderful visit and for not having a large boat, all the kids slept very well and we know it is doable! When they visit in the Bahamas, it will be even better. Warm beaches and water for us all. 🙂

We went to the boat show again on Sunday and it was a nice day, no rain. The main purchases we bought were solar panels and a wind generator for Persuasion, alot of new LED bulbs, a new inverter, a great new collapsible hose and we each got a new pair of boat shoes. We also got a pressure cooker so I have to read up on that and get cooking!
We met Eric and Elke there at 5:30 and he took Jim and Cheryl and us to supper at Buddy’s. We had a great meal and visit. Thanks guys. They arrived on Friday and had a room outside of Annapolis. We didn’t see them on Saturday night as we were with Amber but was great to be with them on Sunday night and they will head home tomorrow. So nice to see familiar faces and get caught up.

So the last few days were well spent with hugs, kisses and lots of cuddles with sweet grand kiddies, lots of laughs with family and friends, walking the streets in the US’s Capital and of course, shopping at the boat show.

Here is our afternoon in Washington in photos.

4 thoughts on “October 8- 12 Amber visits Persuasion in Annapolis

  1. Wow!!! I didn’t think I could miss you guys more than I already do but seeing all these pictures makes it even harder. We are so blessed that we could fit in a little visit before Christmas. We had such a great time and the boys are still talking a about it!! Love you two so much. xoxo


    1. We had such a fun time. Miss you already. Lots of memories. I would love to be at your place this week and see Margie and Scot and Jody. Give them all hugs form us. I was looking at photos on the blog of when Margie and Scot and Jody were on the boat and all our fun times in Shediac. Looked at our last day there on July 6 and how we enjoyed her that day. will be great for all the kiddies to be together this week. We miss our grandkiddies. xo


  2. The grand kids are adorable and you sure had a nice time with them. little cutie looks just like her gramma.Boy can I ever see you in her. Have fun . Never see too much of our neighbours now as its dark so early.Im sure meagan is working nights so one dosnt have much of a life then. Kristine is working 10 hour days at the grain elevator. She just exist until december when the grain is done. We are good, still no major problems. Stay safe. Maybe we’ll see you at christmas. charlene


    1. Aww, thanks Charlene. Everyone says that Cutie looks like Amber and we have heard she looks like me so guess that’s why you see her in me. We did have a great time. Yes nights are hard on one so Megan will not be out side much. We had a message from Aaron the other day about how much they appreciate the house. So happy to have them there. Your daughter is so busy but guess she is loving her job. She does so well there. Glad to hear you and Jack are well and we will see you at Christmas for sure.


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