October 1 – 7 Spa Creek – Annapolis

Well folks, we have settled into Spa Creek quite nicely. We are meeting a lot of boaters and have finally met Andy and Judy from Jacob’s Ladder that RaeAnne and Todd know from Shearwater Yacht Club. He suggested that we get 5 gallon water jugs and there is potable water at a dinghy dock close by. That is good news.

I mentioned that Jim and Mike had moved Persuasion the day we arrived from where we had first set anchorage. Well the next day the harbourmaster went by and we asked a few questions about Laundromat, showers, etc. He was telling us that they have three boats that go by daily and use GPS to make sure the anchored boats have not dragged or getting too close to mooring balls and other boats. If they are, they put a violation ticket on your boat and you move it. And also he mentioned that they come around on a boat to do pump outs for $5.00. Hey we can give a tip of $5.00 too and still be way cheaper than pump outs in the Thousand Islands. So we are really all set here. Our concern was if we went to a dock somewhere for a pump out and water, we would lose our anchorage. There are also water taxis to go into the city if you would like to pay for them.

That same day we checked our bilge and saw that we had a bit of diesel fuel in there. Mike investigated and found the bleed screw was not on tight on the fuel filter assembly but when he tightened it, the darn thing stripped! So, no engine. We got online and found a Yanmar dealer not too far from the boat. Jim and Cheryl found the source of their propane problems and needed new lines. So off we went. Dingied about 20 minutes up to a dock close where we could walk for these items. Then after a mile or so walk we also found a Giant grocery store and a West Marine.

By the time we got back, a harbourmaster boat was by Persuasion and told us they were about to give us a violation notice as we were too close to a mooring ball. Mike explained that we had no engine so could they wait until tomorrow or else he could reset the anchor with the dinghy. He was fine to wait but Mike and Jim reset it with the dinghy.

Over the last few days we have walked miles and miles! The dinghy dock that Andy on Jacob’s Ladder told us about is by a park and really close to the boat. Still a long way to the grocery store. About a two mile walk but hey we need the exercise. The weather here has been really warm with the exception of Saturday and Sunday. A storm front went through on Friday evening with winds and some rain. The folks at the Tourist Info Centre on Dock Street were worried about more flooding. We set the anchor alarm but were ok. And the tides with the new moon and South wind had a lot of Dock Street under water up to the sidewalks on Thursday. It was strange tying off your dinghy and then wading through water.

Jim and Cheryl got their propane all back in working condition and Mike got the fuel filter housing on but needed to get a couple of big pipe wrenches to get the mixing elbow apart. Mike and Jim found a guy that let them borrow a couple of pipe wrenches and they got it apart, then got the new one on so we now have an engine again. Well done guys!

We see lots of boats with interesting names on them.

And we found one for my niece, Grace and another one for our Sarah. This time, a tour boat!




On Sunday morning, we Googled to find a church within walking distance. Found one about a 30 min walk away. It was chilly at first. We were welcomed by lots of people and it was a nice service. We had planned to go for lunch across the street. We had noticed a plaza there on our way in to the church. The lady who sat in front of us had introduced herself before the service and said she and her sister would like to drive us for lunch. So we all piled in the back of a beautiful older Buick and took off. One was 81, Ida and the other 79, Miriam. They suggested Country Buffet so we all went there. Food was excellent and they were a hoot.

They were asking where we had been and where we were going. Miriam mentioned that the Bay bridges that we came under ( the one with the photo in our blog, where the workers were up top working) is 7 miles long. And it was such a busy bridge that the second one was added. They drove us by their house to see how close it was to where our boat was anchored and offered Amber and Jason to park their car in their yard. Not a lot of parking on streets here overnight and it will be crazy during the boat show. So, if we find nothing closer, that will be great. What sweet ladies. We had a great time. They drove us back to our dinghy dock and the Captain spent the afternoon removing all the algae from along the waterline of Persuasion.

Yesterday, Mike and I went into the Laundromat and showers and man, the workers are on a mission getting all the floating docks ready for the show which starts on Thursday. and they are getting the booths all set up. The dinghy dock is on the street by the Naval Academy and you can see they are getting ready. Beautiful older buildings and cobblestone streets on our way to the Laundramat too.

There was a lot of commotion out in front to of the Naval Academy when a boat came off it’s anchorage and was hitting against the rocks. No one was on board either. It is much rougher out in the bay than in Spa Creek. We missed that excitement as we were in town but the bay that day was really rough. When we got back, Jim radioed us to tell us about it and we all went in our dinghies to check it out. The boat had been towed away from and the water was still rough. We were heading under the bridge to go out for dinner when we heard a woman screaming for help and waving at us. She had been in town with a friend and her hubby was anchored out in the bay. The boat that had come free from their anchor was bearing down on their boat so her hubby lifted anchor and was waiting for her to get back to help set it again. Apparently she called the water taxi service to take her out but they were not doing runs because it was so rough. We tied up to a dinghy dock and got her on board and she was so thankful to get to her boat. Boaters helping boaters and always an adventure! What a gorgeous 52 yacht they have too. They are headed to catch the Caribbean 1500 after the boat show.

And the Creek is filling up with more boats coming in to go to the show.




At supper time tonight, Andy from Jacob’s Ladder came by and told us he was organizing a Canadian get together tomorrow at the park by the dinghy dock from 2-5. Bring snacks and boat cards and get to know our fellow Canadian boaters and what their destinations are. Sounds like fun and then by supper time, we will be meeting Amber, Jason and kids there at the dock. Just can’t wait to see them! They left today for the Pocono’s in Pennsylvania. That will break their trip up and the kids will sure enjoy the Great Wolf Lodge.

So our first week here has been busy walking, eating out, meeting people and just enjoying the quietness here in Spa Creek. Below are some photos that Jim sent us of when we were in Port Washington and took the Long Island Rail Road train into NYC. Decided to add them now and will add more of Annapolis before we leave this beautiful city.

Here we are boarding the LIRR. Cheryl and me laughing it up on the subway and Mike and me at the very busy and exciting Times Square.

And here are a few more Jim sent us. A photo of the entourage of Canadian boats leaving Port Washington. We are the last one in the photo. One of us getting ready to sail past he Statue of Liberty and one of Persuasion during our all night cruise to Cape May. Lots of lights of Atlantic City in the background.

2 thoughts on “October 1 – 7 Spa Creek – Annapolis

  1. Hi Maryann,
    I don’t know if you remember us, my husband is Ernie and our boat is ‘Stormbird @ the Whitby Yacht Club’ ; Doreen Allan gave us your website, so we can follow your blog.
    We’re enjoying your stories, adventures and photos very much; keep up the good work, you can add us to your team of Cheer Leaders!
    Happy Sails to you both,
    Barb & Ernie


    1. Of course I remember you, Barb. Ernie was on Mike’s crew for launch and haul out.T Glad to know people for WYC are following. Besides you and the Allan’s, we have also hear from Nancy Kerr. We were on a cruise with you guys to ABYC or one of the other clubs in
      Toronto with he Majors, Kerr’s and Allan’s. We had lunch on the terrace there at the club and then for supper we walked to a restaurant up town. You guys sat beside Mike and I and we had a great chat. Mike had fallen in the water getting onto the dock from the boat and his cell phone got wet. You were saying to put the battery in a glass of rubbing alcohol or rice. We tried the glass of alcohol when we got back to the boat and it worked! Say hi to Ernie for us. Thanks for being Cheer Leaders! Guess you will be heading to your daughters soon in the Carolinas where it is a bit warmer. Will you be in Florida this year too?


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