September 29 Cape May to Bohemia River

Well that was quite a night! Around 00:30, we started rocking, and could hear banging and crashing. Mike checked and it was the dinghy. The dinghy tow had broken on the port side and the dinghy was only hanging on one side, thrashing and banging in the waves. The Captain was quick to get a line on it but we had an hour of getting it secured. During this time, we could see bright lights and the dredger was out in the entrance to the harbour working. Back to bed at 02:00 and up again at 06:00. We see a pretty pink sky just before sunrise and Mike is making sure the dinghy was secure.

We got the cockpit back in order after tearing the locker apart in the middle of the night for lines. Jim and Cheryl had a rough night too. We weighed anchor at 08:00 leaving the same time as one of the ferries. The water is so much smoother than the waves that were crashing in the night.


Just underway for a bit and the Captain saw his first sea turtle. I missed it, was down below. Can’t wait to see more. We see planes taking off and going in for landing to the port of us so we figure the airport is on that shore.


It is a bit of a dull day as we motor on with the jib out. Winds are light and we see lots of lighthouses.

And we see a tug towing a barge. Not sure what else was on it but birds are sure flying around and off it.

After awhile , we look behind and see quite a flotilla of boats. More than likely, most of them are headed to the same destination as us, the Annapolis boat show.



For a long time, we could see this nuclear plant on the horizon to our starboard side. Getting closer, we can see just how massive it is.

And on the port side, there was a chemical plant and this tanker we met, named Chemical Pioneer was from New York, NY. We were guessing it had just been at the plant earlier.

Shortly after we round the channel for the Delaware canal, we go under quite an impressive bridge.

And another couple of bridges and then under a railway bridge.

Going along the canal, we see these very large birds in the trees. We kind of thought they may be turkey vultures but even our resident bird hunter, Jim wasn’t sure what they were. We stop for fuel along the canal and keep heading through. Pass under a bridge by Chesapeake City.

It has been raining most of the afternoon and we head into the Bohemia river just off the canal for an anchorage. The mist is on the hillsides and we set anchor at 06:00. The rain had stopped so Cheryl and Jim dingied over and Mike barbequed. These pot lucks work out great. We made plans to leave early the next morning.


Today we travelled 67.5 nm.

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