September 27-28 Port Washington to Cape May

Another beautiful morning, going to be in the 80’s again. Loving this warm weather. We had a no alarm day this morning. We got up fairly early and uploaded a blog. Then after breakfast, we took a dinghy ride to talk to some of the boats that are leaving today. It is decided that we will leave an hour before high tide. We also went in to the market at the dock and took one more ride around the harbour.

It is 11:15 when a flotilla of 6 Canadian boats leave Port Washington. Just out around the bend from the harbour, we see the city in the distance.

We pass under the bridge to Long Island and soon see airplanes taking off and up over the city before we even pass LaGuardia airport which is on our port side.

Next we notice Riker’s Island, easy to spot with the barbed wire keeping the prisoners in.  There is also a floating prison boat on the opposite side or Riker’s Island.  An overflow for prisoners and of course, lots of barbed wire on it also. Unfortunately that photo was too blurry to use. And we go under a railway bridge beside a power plant at Hell’s Gate.

We keep heading out under more bridges that span the East river. Some of them are railway bridges.




We see that the New York Hospital has the roadway running under it. And so many bridges here. We remember the song and the Queensboro bridge from the sitcom “King of Queens”.

And we see this bridge has trams to Roosevelt Island running along side it.




And then we come along the UN building. We hear a siren and a loud voice over a megaphone telling everyone to go to the left of the channel and stay away. We look and see these coast guard boats armed and ready for action.

And then on the opposite side are 2 large Coast Guard ships.




One of the boats travelling with us later said he has gone this route several times and has never seen such little traffic on the East river. We were wondering if it was because of the UN meetings and all the extra security.

For the rest of the blog, our photos will be in a gallery at the bottom. They are captioned and are related to the next few paragraphs. We have over 200 pictures from Port Washington to Cape May so trying to pick out a few was a real challenge.

So many tall buildings. The song “New York state of mind” keeps going through my head. Just so much to see and take in. We were uptown a couple of days ago and seeing it from the waterfront is equally overwhelming.

And the Brooklyn Bridge is as beautiful as we see on TV and understandable why it is a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

We continued on past the downtown section of buildings we had meandered through a couple of days ago.

We motored past them and heard so many helicopters overhead. Lots of them are sightseeing tours. Some police helicopters too. And the FDNY was out on the water as well. We saw cruise ships too. The busyness here as we approach Staten Island is amazing.

The highlight was definitely motoring out past the Statue of Liberty and Staten Island. What a feeling seeing her up close and knowing how many ships have sailed by and what she represents. She is quite a lady! We got this shot of Amazing Grace and they took one of Persuasion. We see lots of sightseeing boats and the Staten Island ferry too.

It was just after we had left the East river and was on the Hudson, had our pictures taken by the Statue of Liberty that we decided we would not go into Sandy Hook, NJ for the night. We were all up to doing an all nighter that would take us to Cape May. We looked over at the lady one more time and could see New Jersey behind her. And this dredger was dredging right in the harbour. Missed photographing the dumping of the silt but it sure brings up alot of it.

We could see some boats headed up the Hudson with Manhattan on one shore and New Jersey on the other.   And we looked over to get some of Brooklyn and in the distance the amusement parks on Coney Island. We passed under the Staten Island bridge.

It was a beautiful warm afternoon and the sun danced on the water in the ocean. For a long time we could see the New York skyline and eventually she faded away in the distance.

The swells in the ocean were large but gentle and we had a great sunset. It looked so lovely on the water.

The night wore on and we took turns at watches. We did a few radio checks with the other boats going this route. Man, the night life in Atlantic City must be something! The billboards lighting up and the lights on the hotels could be seen for miles and miles.  It seemed like we looked at them for hours! And we had quite a sunrise too. The water looked almost red by times. The ocean was still very calm.

We passed an amusement park and Two mile beach.

And just before the entrance to Cape May harbour, we saw lots of dolphins playing in the water.

We motored on along Delaware Bay. Beautiful beaches and an obvious shipwreck from some time ago.

We went into a harbour at the west end of the Cape May canal looking for anchorages. We found nothing but did see some egrets and a dredger. At 11:55, we set the anchor across from the breakwater and ferry terminal on a beach and we went for a much needed snooze.

Supper was compliments of Amazing Grace who noticed they had no propane so dingied over to cook on Persuasion. Later we talked to Amber and she mentioned that Sarah had noticed us travelling on marine traffic at 02:00 hrs. We tried to facetime her as well. Mike downloaded the photos. He headed off to bed and I worked on the blog. This is our first all nighter on this trip and the Captain did a great job. It was a busy but rewarding 25 hours. We shaved 2 or 3 days off our Annapolis destination.

In 25.2 hrs, we travelled 154.1 nm.

4 thoughts on “September 27-28 Port Washington to Cape May

  1. Awesome pictures of NYC…what an experience that must have been. We are so enjoying your journey….check in every day to see where you are 🙂


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