September 25-26 Port Washington Waiting

Well, they were right when they said that Thursday would be rainy. It sure was and lots of it. Very windy too. We are so glad we got into the city yesterday. Not only because it was good weather then but because they were dealing with threats today on the subway system. The news say they could be unfounded threats but there is a large police presence in Penn Station which is where we were. I wouldn’t want to be trying to take the subway downtown and then different one for uptown today.

We puttered the day away with the Captain fixing a few things and adding more butyl tape up around the anchor locker where the windlass was installed. I gave the liveaboard a good cleaning. Jim and Cheryl were going stir crazy and when there was a break in the rain, they headed in to town to West Marine. Wanted us to go but we decided not to. They stopped back in for supper and by the end of the day the clouds cleared out and we saw our first glimpse of the sun making for a nice sunset.

Friday- What a difference in today from yesterday. Beautiful warm sunshine! We had made plans last night with Amazing Grace to leave early this morning to go into town for breakfast and go to the laundromat. So off we went and took a few photos along the way. And what about the name of this boat?

This boat was rather interesting. At least the shark was smiling! We see floating boat houses and a lonely egret.

Then we all head to the laundromat, start our laundry and go to breakfast. The boys go to West Marine and Ace Hardware. They dinghy our laundry back to the boat and go fill our propane tanks while Cheryl and I go to the grocery store. By the time we get back on our boats, it is lunchtime and very warm. They are giving temperatures in the 80’s for the next few days. Nice!

The boys go pay for tonight’s mooring and find out from one of the boats out of Shelburne that the best tide to leave on tomorrow is around noon. That is good news because he had told us the other day that it may be at 3 in the morning.

Cheryl and I pool our resources for supper again and we have a good feast. We watch a bit of TV and turn in. Unfortunately, the Captain has gotten my cold.

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