September 24 Port Jefferson to Port Washington to New York NY

This morning we weighed at 07:00. As we motored out of the harbour and around into the sound, again we were struck with the beautiful homes and scenery here.



Winds were NNE 10-15 kn and it was a great motor sail. We could see Greenwich, CT on our starboard, some more beautiful scenery of Long Island on our port and just off the bow, an outline, although small outline, of NYC on the horizon.

More beautiful things to see on both sides before we turned towards Port Washington on Long Island and by now, we could really see NYC.

It’s hard to believe that we are sailing along and seeing New York City in the distance.




And once again, the houses along the waterfront coming in to this harbour were unbelievable.

We were welcomed by the marina manager of Port Washington in a water taxi and he told us we would get two nights free on the mooring balls. Bonus! It was 12:15. We ate lunch and decided because it was giving rain tomorrow, we would take the Long Island Railroad into the city and do some sightseeing today. We went in by Jim’s dinghy and saw a boat here from Shelburne, NS. They have been here a week. Actually there are three boats here that we had met in Shelburne, not all from there but were there enroute to the Bahamas. We stopped to talk to one of them and he mentioned that they were waiting to get down the East river. President Obama is here in NYC at United Nations General Assembly meetings and because of the security surrounding this, the only time boats can get down is at night. He also said the meetings should be over by Friday.

We walked up just a few blocks from the waterfront to get to the train station. Sweet little town. Thought this bistro was really cute, especially since the Captain’s favourite jam is raspberry (framboise). We bought our tickets to Penn Station, which is about a 45 min ride and then got a subway to downtown. Here is our first view of New York, New York!
We didn’t have any wait at all to get into the 9/11 Memorial and just being there and seeing the names of all who perished makes you in awe of the horrific violent act. The cascading waterfalls over the huge footprint of where the towers were is amazing. We wanted to see Ground Zero, Times Square and Rockefeller Center. Also Central Park and the Empire State Building but because of limited time, we didn’t make it either. We only arrived in the city after 16:00 and we caught our train to come back at 19:49. It is definitely a city I want to come back to see. Cheryl and I think it would be a great trip to do with our girls. Below is a collection of photos taken in the short time we were there.

Today we travelled 35.6 nm, plus numerous miles on foot.

5 thoughts on “September 24 Port Jefferson to Port Washington to New York NY

    1. Wouldn’t that be fun! Hope all is well on the homefront. Will try to get an email off to you soon. Glad to hear the block party went well. xo


  1. Here we are back at the club getting ready for crane out. Enjoy reading about and following your adventure via AIS. Amazing Grace’s AIS is very spotty.

    Are those Lobster traps quite visible in the choppy waters? Can’t imagine you get much relaxation while watching for the traps on your long days at sea.

    When sailing with Amazing Grace do you tend to separate or are the boat speeds similar?

    Keep safe and enjoy



    1. Hi Brian

      We are glad you are enjoying our blog. Lobster traps are definitely a concern. When they are present everyone watches the water. Choppy seas are certainly worse. Amazing Grace XX’s AIS has been spotty since they left. We suspect it has to do with his antenna. They are having someone look at it here in Annapolis. It is interesting that Amazing Grace XX and Persuasion have quite similar speeds. In certain sea states and sailing conditions AG XX is faster and at other times Persuasion is faster.

      Are you coming to Annapolis for the boat show.



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