September 23 Clinton Harbor to Port Jefferson

There is quite a change in the weather this morning. Much colder! Feeling better today. We left the dock at 06:30. The winds were NW 10-15 kn and the waters on the Long Island Sound much calmer today. The jib was up and we moving along great. Mike turned off the motor and we still sailed at 7.2 kn!

In the distance on our starboard side, we saw Bridgeport, CT and on our port side, Long Island and a barge being pulled by a tugboat.



Amazing Grace radioed us to say they were hanging back a bit because Jim had his fishing line out and had caught a fish. We turned around and went back. This is a photo of his first catch. At least a 15 pounder! They were pretty excited. And they got 9 steaks out of it. Mmm, fresh fish for supper tonight.


White sand beachs on Long Island are beautiful.

We arrived at Port Jefferson around noon. Beautiful in here.

There is a power plant in here and ferries that run from Bridgeport CT.

Amazing Grace needed fuel so we putted about the harbour. We saw a loader loading gravel on a barge and thought the grandkids would enjoy these photos.



And of course some mega yachts that could be in Super Yacht Magazine, Becca.

The homes in here are gorgeous as well.

We had a couple of tug boats out by Persuasion in the mooring field. What do you think of these tugs, grand kiddies?



We dingied into town. A cute little seaside town. We couldn’t believe how many baby crabs were swimming in the water by the dock. And we saw swans floating gracefully by.

We enjoyed an ice-cream and later had supper aboard Amazing Grace. It was Catch of the Day, “bluefish steaks” A great meal. We had a great sunset tonight and made arrangements for tomorrows destination.



Today we travelled 36.9 nm.

6 thoughts on “September 23 Clinton Harbor to Port Jefferson

  1. Tell Jim that I said “Way to Go”. That is quite a catch. Did it taste good?

    You are making good progress. Keep up the great posts.


    1. They were on our boat when we checked our posts so I told them. It had a good taste to it. Will try to keep on posting our days. Hi to Mike.


    1. It was fun and getting to subways that say downtown and then on ones that say uptown. And so many people! We were saying a couple of days ago that we should email you guys to see how you enjoyed your summer. We wondered if you would be going to the boat show. Sounds fun, will see you soon!


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