September 22 Port Clinton again

It was a warm morning as we headed out of the harbour at 06:20 and shortly after saw the best sunrise yet.




It was a bit choppy going out and windy. The waters out on the Long Island sound were rough today. We rolled out the jib and things went bad from there. The wind came up before we could get the sail adjusted and we had to change course to get it straightened out. It started blowing 25 – 30 kn. Seas were as high as 6 feet maybe more. It was scary for awhile. The pictures do not show the seas as bad as they really were. Water was crashing over the boat like crazy.

We turned back and headed to the safety of Port Clinton again. It was 08:06

We regrouped our plan for the day with Amazing Grace who had the same wild ride as us. They lost one of their fenders and stop to retrieved it, only to have Cheryl get a good soaking. After that and when they were headed back they had a lobster fisherman ask if they were ok. He saw them struggling.


We decided it would be a work day on our boats. We have had some long days traveling so it was good to get some things done. Mike and Jim went up to a marine store and Mike bought the new cable for the transmission. While that was all opened up, they changed the fuel filters. Good job boys.


Then they worked on Amazing Grace’s list of things to do. Mike washed the salt off the boat. We went out for lunch close to the marina and then Cheryl and I did laundry. It was a lovely drying day, so warm and windy. Cheryl also gave Mike a haircut. No sightseeing today. We had supper on Persuasion and turned in early. Our bad start to the day ended up with quite a few accomplishments.

Today we travelled 9.3 nm.

Jim 2This is how we felt today in those big seas. Insignificant!!
Picture compliments of Jim taken in Bar Harbor.

2 thoughts on “September 22 Port Clinton again

  1. Hopefully you’re now far enough south to get some better weather. For sure, you’ve got a few days of more sheltered sailing as you approach the Hudson R. Your AIS is working much better now. We see you approaching NY city now. AGXX is still showing in Clinton. I’m guessing Jim’s AIS antenna is lower.


    1. Mike

      Amazing Grace XX and Persuasion have about the same mast height. I believe his issue is with his antenna and connections.



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