September 21 Point Judith Harbor of Refuge to Clinton Harbor

It was an ok night in here. Rolled a bit. There is quite a big surf on the other side of the breakwater and we could feel the swell by times. There is only a 3 foot tide here though. We set the alarm so that we could leave by 06:15 at sunrise. It was a lovely warm morning.

IMG_1915The anchor was almost up when the Captain noticed we had no transmission. Anchor back down! And my head is still pounding. A good time for me to be out of sinutab. I took my last one before bed. We radioed Amazing Grace and they rafted along side of us. Jim and Mike got to work and discover only the shift cable broke.  What a relief it wasn’t the transmission.IMG_1917

They got it so it works, still need a cable so hopefully will get it next stop. I got some Tylenol cold pills from Cheryl. We pulled up anchor again and left at 07:30

Winds were SE 5-10kn and it was a warm day. We motor sailed the whole way. Rhode Island has some beautiful beaches.



And resorts and mansions. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, I guess. So beautiful here stretching out to the Watch Hill Point light.

We passed by islands with castles and lovely homes.




And we sailed by Newport and in the far distance we could see lots and lots of masts and lighthouses.




We saw schooners and ferries and passed by more sandy beaches with cottages.

It started to thunder, no lightning but rained a bit just before we headed in to Cedar Island marina.

It is very beautiful and peaceful looking in here.

We motored for fuel while Amazing Grace checked to see if there were any moorings for us. There wasn’t but they said we could tie up to one of the docks as it wasn’t busy now. We arrived at 17:00. We found out where the grocery store was located so we took our carts and started walking. We walked and walked and walked and got a few shots of Clinton CT.  Lots of beautiful homes here.

We were told it was about 2 miles or more. We finally arrived at the Stop & Shop. We had hoped to get back by taxi but were told there wasn’t any, we asked an employee and he told us there was a bus but he didn’t know the schedule. We started out and Cheryl decided to ask a lady in the parking lot if we could pay her to drive us back. No luck, she couldn’t leave, was working. So she asked someone at the gas station. A lady said she would be happy to drive us and couldn’t believe we walked all that way. And we couldn’t get her to take any money. She just asked us to pay it forward! And we hope to do just that. We went to the marina restaurant for supper and I am off to bed at 20:30. Hoping my cold is better tomorrow.

Today we travelled 48.8 nm.

5 thoughts on “September 21 Point Judith Harbor of Refuge to Clinton Harbor

  1. Hi Mae and Mike – Monica and I are so enjoying your travel blog. We are having a great adventure travelling with you online. Hope you are feeling better Mae… nothing like being sick at sea. The photos of Rockland Breakwater and Owl’s Head are wonderful memories for us. Looking forward to many more postings. Can’t wait to see New York.
    Nelse and Mon.


  2. We are following your blog and enjoyed meeting you in Shelburne at the laundry.
    Did read how you missed stopping at Clarks Harbour. We were at a beach on Cape Sable Island
    the day you sailed by and I saw 2 sailboats in and out off the mist passing by a few miles off shore.
    Was pretty sure it was you but through the binoculars wasn`t able to see too clearly.
    We got back to Kemptviile Sept 15 and not many changes.
    Enjoy your trip and I see Shannon and Paul have been in contact.


    1. Yes we enjoyed meeting you too. I feel bad we did not get to Clarks Harbour. We had gone the day before by Cheryl’s brother’s car to Cape Sable Island and I didn’t take my camera because I thought we were going by boat the next day. You probably did see us the next day in the mist. We went from Shelburne to East Pubnico.


  3. Love seeing the pictures of dad and Jim working on the boat! I bet we have hundreds of photos of them fixing things on the boats from the last ten years. 😉


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