September 20 Onset Bay to Point Judith Harbor of Refuge

It was a beautiful, peaceful night in here. We left the anchorage this morning at 07:30. This morning was much warmer than yesterday. We noticed another bald eagle’s nest on the shore of Buzzards Bay.

The winds were SW 10-15 at first and then built to 20 kn. The jib was out and we were heeled over, sometimes at 40 degrees. I wish I felt better so I could enjoy it more but the sore throat I have had for a couple of days is gone but now my head is aching and my nose is running. Guess I have the common cold! Once again, the scenery along the coast is beautiful.

And on the water as well. Lots of sailors out today.




We rounded the Point Judith light at 15:05. There are manmade breakwaters here known as the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge.



There are 2 little fishing villages in here. They are in the town of Narragansett, Rhode Island. They got their names from a Canadian fisherman who settled in this area and thought the collection of fishing shacks should be called Galilee, after the fishing village in the Bible. When a stranger asked the fisherman one day where he was. He told him “Galilee” So he asked what was on the other side of the channel and the fisherman thought for a minute and then replied “Must be Jerusalem” Now that is according to legend. There are beaches on both sides of the harbour’s entrance.

Jim needed fuel so we followed him in. The harbour in here is called Snug Harbor and there are plenty of boats on both sides of the channel. Galilee lands thousands of tons of fish every year.

There is another marina in here too I like the way they keep the boats our of the water. And there are lots and lots of different kinds of boats.

We headed back out to the anchorage close to the breakwater and set the anchor. There is lovely scenery on both sides of the channel. Lots of homes have private sandy beaches.

We got a facetime in with Scot and Margie. Jody was getting groceries. Margie is growing so fast.

We had an early supper on Amazing Grace. Salad, fried potatoes and BBQ chicken. Very good, especially when I didn’t feel like cooking. After supper, Mike uploaded some blogs and Jim dingied Cheryl and I in to Gooseberry’s Market where they have a few provisions. Glad we only needed bread and milk. A loaf of bread was $3.99.

We facetimed Amber and Jason and the kids. Fun to see them. Tried to get Sarah but she must be out. Becca is in Monaco for work. Must be hard for her being in such a beautiful place working. 🙂 Hope to talk to them both soon.

Today is Kees’s birthday. We sent him an Imessage. Hope you had a great day, Kees. We remember many birthday celebrations in the past with you and the Barrie gang. My head and neck are really aching tonight and it’s only 21:00 but I’m off to bed.

Today we travelled 52.7 nm.

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