September 19 Gloucester to Onset Bay

Wow, it sure was windy all night. We slept in the salon to keep an eye on things. Lots of lobster pots around us to get caught in if our anchor drug. Mike woke up at 03:30 and went to bed. A cold front was moving through and it was very cold. Our alarm went off at 05:00. Mike uplaoded a blog. We had hoped to get away by 06:00 but after listening to the weather and radioing Jim, we decided to wait awhile. Winds were offshore 15-20. We watched the sun come up and decided that we would still head out and see what it was like. We weighed anchor at 07:50 and left Gloucester behind.

The winds were now 20-25. We had the jib out and we thought we would ride it out. Going back in would be worse, we would have the wind and waves on the nose. Wasn’t long before I felt sick and went down for some gravol. Of course, that made me drowsy and I slept a bit. Jim got some great shots of us disappearing in the waves. The rollers were at least 7 feet. A little while later when I woke up, I tried to get some of them. the waves were not as big then. Although, they do look like they are taking on water.

It is so cold today. Again, we are thankful for our enclosure and feel for Jim and Cheryl. We really need to get farther south! The waves got a bit better around noon. We saw some beautiful sandy cliffs in the distance. and some beautiful sandy beaches on the other shore before the canal.

We rounded the lighthouse at the entrance to Cape Cod canal and the waters were much smoother.

Mike noticed a rescue boat along side the bridge. Is Amazing Grace going to fit under that bridge? 🙂




I guess she did and we have a railway bridge to go under. The bridge stays up all the time now, no railway here anymore.



This canal is maintained by the US Army Corp of Engineers and there are lots of vessels in here.

So many of them.

We motored around the marker to get in to Onset Bay and there was a bald eagle nest on top. Then we pulled into the marina for fuel.

The manager there told us there was a great anchorage across from the marina. We headed over and set anchor shortly before 17:00 The view from here is pretty nice.

The captain changed the transmission fluid and engine oil before supper. We watched a bit of TV and turned in. Seemed like a long day.

Today we travelled 60.2 nm.



2 thoughts on “September 19 Gloucester to Onset Bay

  1. We are thoroughly enjoying being along for you trip and were wondering if you could provide some details about the navigation of the various harbors and the Canal area? Many thanks Richard in Kentucky


    1. Hi Richard

      We are thrilled that you are following our blog. Navigation has been pretty simple. I use Navionics at the helm on a tablet. At the chart table I have a laptop running SailCruiser with C-map charts. The laptop is integrated with the autopilot, GS and AIS. For the most part the electronic charts have been spot on with one exception. The Eastern Passage in Halifax wasn’t exactly as the charts showed. It was hard to ignore the charts and follow the marked channel. The charts showed me going through little to no water. The canals have not been an issue.



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