September 18 Cape Porpoise to Gloucester

We were up this morning before the alarm went off. Heard some lobster boats going out. Mike uploaded another blog and we got ready to leave right after breakfast. If we hadn’t come in so late in the day and also had the misfortune of snagging a sunken lobster trap, we may have dingied around and enjoyed this place. There is a fourth generation owned Cape Porpoise Lobster Company located right on the pier and The Ramp Bar and Grill has excellent food according to the couple who were going ashore when we were trying to see what our anchor was caught on yesterday. Our guide book says it has a great view of the harbour. And there is a Bradbury Brother’s Market for provisions too.

It looks so beautiful in here. We weighed anchor at 06:25.

The winds today were light, SSW 10 kn. and we had the jib out. we could see Kennebunkport in the distance.



We passed by Boon Island lighthouse. The Gulf of Maine was smooth today and we saw some tuna boats out. I went below for a second and I heard the captain scream “WHALE, WHALE”. I rushed out.

We were radioing back and forth to Amazing Grace with the sightings. We figured this must be whale territory. We saw a whale watching boat out. The water was 280-350 ft deep.

It was awesome to see these magnificent creatures. Although the photos aren’t great, it was amazing. Especially loved seeing the water spout from their blow.

We saw more fishing boats and passed the lighthouses on Thatcher Island.

So many houses on the coast. We were getting close to Gloucester and motored around the breakwater lighthouse into the harbour. It was 14:00 hrs.

And in the distance on the horizon, we could see Boston. As we motored in we saw the 2 castles that are mentioned in the cruising guide book. One is lived in and the other is a museum now.

We motored in to see the harbour and look at the sights. Beautiful in here. Gloucester has had many movies shot here, most notably Captains Courageous and The Perfect Storm. Most of these shots were taken in Smith Cove and the Rocky Neck peninsula.

There are schooners, yachts, lobster, tuna, all kinds of boats. We spent an hour or so just motoring around sightseeing.

We found another boat just for you, Sarah, Now you can have one in Prince Edward Island and Massachusetts. And this yacht is a live aboard here. The name is Walrus, from New York, NY. We looked it up and it is a 76 ft. trawler. A beautiful boat. So many boats in here.


We motored back out and got the hook down at 15:30 and we decided to dinghy in for supper later. The sun rays through the clouds were beautiful when we left. We ate at Rudder’s and it was excellent. I had tuna steak and it was so good. We had a waitress with sea blue eyes and she told us she had gone on the Bluenose when it was here a few years back. She also told us her sister met George Clooney when they were filming the Perfect Storm here. She and her husband are dreaming of one day taking off in a boat too.

We walked around a bit and decided we better get back before dark. And the sunset was not too shabby either. We were really surprised how the wind came up an hour later, It was 15-20kn, gusting to 25. We set the anchor alarm.

Today we travelled 51.5 nm.

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