September 17 Portland to Cape Porpoise

It was a bit of a roly night in here. Lots of ships and boats in the harbour. We had a gorgeous sunrise though.




We are on a flight path here and it was neat to see both a cruise ship arriving and a plane leaving right from our cockpit.

We had no wifi this morning but ate early and dingied in to the marina for showers. We had made arrangements last night with Jim and Cheryl to pick them up at 07:30 and go for breakfast on the way to AT&T. They brought their dinghy and the patch he put on, seems to have worked so that is good news.

IMG_1448It is beautiful today. There is an old narrow gauge rail line here by the marina.

There were lots of walkers and joggers out and we asked where we might find a good breakfast place. One guy suggested Becky’s diner, down quite a ways but well worth it he said.


We walked along the main street and tried to get a few photos of the city. Pretty hard with all the traffic coming and going. Seeing the name The Black dog reminded me of home and The Black Dog pub in Manotick.

We walked down quite a few blocks. Jim had his cart with propane to be filled so we asked a few people if they knew where we could get that filled. One person thought it would be at an Irving right across from Becky’s, so we kept walking.

No luck there with the propane, so went across to eat at Becky’s. We had to wait for a table and found out that sometimes there is a line way outside waiting. Their slogan is “Becky’s diner, nothin’ finah” And they say it just the way it is spelled. It is a true diner. Stools at a counter and lots of booths. Great service, excellent food and great prices. Yep, nothin’ finah!

We noticed a boat store on the same block as Becky’s so after breakfast, we wandered in. It was an inflatable show room and the lady there told us where Jim could get propane. It was a bit far. We had walked qutie a few blocks away from the boat. The good news was that it was almost across from the ATT store which was not far from the boat. She called us a cab and we headed off.

Within an hour, we had all our internet connections. We were all very happy. Stopped at a Whole Foods Store and picked up a few things and headed back to the boat. We had thought about going back to Becky’s for lunch. Her homemade desserts looked amazing but it was way at the other end of town. So we kept on going to the boat and when we were walking down a hill, we saw this sight. No, it is not apartments, it is a cruise ship in dock.

After we fueled up, we left the harbour. It was 13:45 when we left Portland behind.

There was some nice scenery along the way.

Amazing Grace got a photo of us with our sail up while we were getting their’s. Cheryl had her laundry out and she was a happy girl on her yacht!

The surf off the Goat Island Lighthouse is incredible. We motored in to find an anchorage.

We set the anchor and thought we were too close to another boat. Tried to raise and realized we were caught on something. A couple from a trawler were going by in their dinghy and we asked them if there were any cables down here. They didn’t think so. When we finally got it raised, we were shocked to see what we had snagged. We left it dangling a bit while we motored over to Amazing Grace. We were at the wrong angle to try and unhook it with the boat hook. Jim had his anchor set so he lowered his dinghy and came to see if he could do anything.. He was able to lift our anchor out. Thank goodness.

We set anchor again. It was 18:09. We had supper, enjoyed a beautiful sunset and spent the evening uploading some days to our blog. We also got lots of channels on our TV in here so enjoyed a couple of shows.



Today we travelled 25.6 nm.

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