September 16 Rockland to Portland

We were up before the alarm went off today. We were hoping to upload a couple more days to the blog. But no wifi. Raining a bit this morning but we still had a nice sunrise. We had breakfast and got ready to leave. The wifi came on for a few minutes but not long enough to upload. We left at 07:15.



We motored out of the harbour, past the breakwater lighthouse again and headed out.

Look at this beautiful home. It was just before the Owl’s Head lighthouse. And this guy was baiting his traps.

The winds were SW 5-10 kn. We were able to have the jib out off and on. The waters were calm today. I was able to go through some photos and work on the blog. A few times the Captain spotted some dolphins. I saw them once but wasn’t able to get them on camera.

The cloudy day made for some interesting photos.

These birds are part of the duck family, the common golden eye, better known as whistlers. They were in flocks in many different places today and very pretty.

And we passed a couple more lighthouses along the way.




Finally we could see Portland in the distance and shortly after headed in past a couple of lighthouses to the harbour.

We passed Fort Gorge and saw these tugs docking this sea transport. Lots of sailboats as well.

Portland is a cruise ship destination too and is a very busy harbour.




Jim hailed the marina and a nice young man said he was on his way out to show us our mooring balls and would tender us in to pay. It was 17:30. Amazing Grace rowed over for supper on Persuasion. Their dinghy seems to be holding the patch well. We are supposed to have wifi here but it does not seem to work well. We could not upload any blogs to our website.

Today we travelled 68.8 nm.

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