September 15 Reaching for wifi in Rockland

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter-in-law, Jody. You are a great wife to Scot and a wonderful mommy to our Margie. Hope you have a super day and that we get to talk to you tonight. It is also Angelina’s birthday. Jim and Cheryl’s granddaughter who is 12 now, a tween.

We were up early and uploaded some more days to the blog. We dingied in for showers at 07:00. Nice sunny morning.




Then Mike went back out to Amazing Grace and picked up Jim and Cheryl. They all walked to Hamilton Marine and a consignment marine store while I stayed at the marina to do laundry and blog. Amber facetimed. Unfortunately the wifi here is not the greatest but hey, at least we have some!

I had almost finished up the laundry by time they got back. Mike took Jim out to his boat and they raised his dinghy up on the bow of Amazing Grace. Trying to make sure all water is out so he can patch where the leak is. We dropped off our clean clothes and got ready for our walk up town to search for data plans. There is quite a collection of boats in here. Neat to see the fishing boats moored in amongst the sail boats.

Rockland is the lobster capital of Maine. Apparently, more crustaceans are landed here than in any other Maine port. And because of it’s huge accessible harbour, Rockland has surpassed Camden as the schooner capital of the country. We saw the signs for some but didn’t see any schooners. We didn’t walk down to that wharf though, we were on a mission for wifi.

Rockland is a quaint old town, not as pretty Camden though. We had been to Camden a few years ago with Scot and Sarah to look at a sailboat just before buying Persuasion. Snapped these photos of the main street in Rockland.


We stopped at Verizon, no luck. It was now 11:30 and someone had told us there was a Radio Shack further up. We saw a Pizza Hut with a noon buffet special on their sign, $5.99 on our way to Radio Shack so decided we would stop there for lunch after we checked out Radio Shack. No luck there either. These places want you to buy your iPad from them and then get their data plan. Jim’s brother got his plan at Walmart so hoped that would be the answer. After a great lunch, we stopped at a US Wireless to see if they could help us. But no they couldn’t so we headed out for the long walk to Walmart. We knew it was far and we had already walked a long way in the other direction to these places. We walked past the downtown core again and onto a side street where we saw the Public Library and the Courthouse.

We walked and walked and walked. The Walmart was out in Tomlinson. We walked at least 6 miles today. And, no luck there! We took a cab back to the marina. Only $4.00. Should have taken one there to begin with but guess the exercise is good for us. It is sunny but chilly today. We are hoping to get to Portland tomorrow. If no Walmart, at least they may have an AT&T.

We came back and blogged and facetimed Jody for her birthday. Just talked a little while because they were eating supper. Scot made her a homemade chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and Amber had a variety of chocolate dipped strawberries delivered to her. Both looked so yummy and Margie was enjoying a strawberry. She is just too cute.

IMGWe pooled our resources for supper and then uploaded a blog. We had a nice sunset tonight.

The sun goes down quickly now and the evenings are so cool.

I tried to facetime my sister in NB but she was at meetings tonight. Wanted to know what they use for data when they go to Florida in the winter. We facetimed with my sister and brother-in-law in Indiana and had a good visit. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “September 15 Reaching for wifi in Rockland

  1. I offered to Jim a company called ROAM MOBILITY … google search them and have a look at the package available to Canadians while IN Canada. I could go and get you a sim card and mail it to you, the rest you can do directly on line. If I can get an address somewhere for you guys I could get two even. Check it on-line, that’s what everyone was using in my phone when we traveled back from Norfolk last year. Plus you have an incoming phone number assigned to you that stays active as long as you register for a single day in every 12 months. Unlimited Talk, Text North America 4G service $2.95 cdn/day or weekly , monthly. You can also add data ….. I’ll get you cards if you get me an address Are these micro Sim or standard Sim cards you need?


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