September 13 Rogue Island Harbor to Bar Harbor

It sure was a calm, peaceful night at this anchorage. After a quick breakfast and weighing anchor, Amazing Grace pulled along side and filled one of our buckets with water so at least we could boil water for washing and dishes. It was 07:45 when we pulled out.


Lots of fishermen out and yes, once again, lots of traps. We are in what my brother called the grey zone (disputed area between Canada and US) and we passed by the Lighthouse at Harbour Island.


The winds were light and out of the N and we had the jib out. The scenery in the distance is beautiful. Cheryl decided to do her laundry as you can see.

 And we were joined by this little guy swimming beside the boat. Then we passed Egg Island.



It was a job for the Captain swerving around lobster pots. If it wasn’t for meeting Cheryl’s brother Junior, and knowing other fishermen and how hard they have to work, I would say something to them right now. 🙂 They sure have to get used to being in all kinds of weather elements to make a living. What a minefield and I didn’t even get the worst of them because I was busy pointing them out to the Captain.

We looked at Mount Dessert a long time today and finally getting close to Bar Harbor. Lots of tour boats around here.

This harbour sure is bustling. We headed over to the fuel dock.  We saw some neat boats along the way. Look at this wooden ketch. Also this tour schooner boat. And the resort areas, so many of them.

There were no mooring balls for us so we went around to an anchorage. It was 15:30 when we set anchor. After getting settled, we picked up Jim and Cheryl and dingied over to town. We were hoping to find a hardware store for the plumbing part for our water heater. We got directions but the store closed at 16:00. Crap, 15 minutes too late. We walked around town and the boys took a rest.

We ate supper at Galyn’s and Cheryl and I had the lobster. Soft shelled but still good. And On our way back to the boat, we decided to dinghy in around some of the boats. When we came to this catamaran, Cheryl let out a scream. This little guy was taking a nap. But he opened his eyes for me. Guess the owners will be in for a surprise if they come aboard tonight. I would love to see the grandkids smiles when they see this picture.

No wifi here tonight. Look at this view form our boat. Pretty nice.

Today we travelled 42.5 nm.

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