September 11 Checking into the USA at Eastport

 We were up early. The lobster and fishing boats leave early and make quite a wake. The sunrise this morning was beautiful.

 This was our view from the back of our boat and look at this fishing wharf across from us. The sun under the wharf made for a great shot.

 After breakfast, got all our documentation ready to head up to check in. We got there about 15 min early. We saw this man coming towards us. It was the young man from the Coast Guard that we had met last night, only this time he was in uniform He asked us if we were told to all meet the officer at 08:00 hrs and we confirmed that. He said “Well, you might have a long wait. It is only 07:00 hrs. I was having my coffee and looked out the window to see you all standing outside here.” The time changed to Eastern time zone when we were on the water. We hightailed it back to wait on the boat until the right time. Here’s our boats with the Q flags on, waiting to be checked in and the front of the statue by the wharf.

The tides here are really high. We saw some neat creatures from our dock along the wharf wall.





Finally got our time right and headed up. What a pleasant man. We were all checked in to the USA within an hour and he told us where to find a marine store close by and a hardware store. So we shopped there a bit and then went back to remove the Q flags and get ready to leave. Quite a number of fishing boats in the harbour here.

Mike and Jim saw some local fishermen coming back in to the harbour. They talked to them and they said it was giving a bad day with SW winds of 25 kn and they weren’t going to go out. Too heavy a wind on the nose for us so we stayed put. It was nice for awhile so we walked up town and got this cute old car. And what do you think of the writing on the back? 🙂

We went to a little restaurant for lobster rolls and they were so good. Some very cute little shops here. This particular one is being restored and looks beautiful.

We all had naps and later Mike told me that Jim had been talking to Lois, Cheryl’s sister-in-law after he found out that we wouldn’t be leaving today because of the wind. She decided to drive here from Saint John to surprise her. I had called my sister, Susan who lives in Saint Stephen to see if she could drive over tonight. She was only 26 miles away but unfortunately she was working tonight.

By mid afternoon, it was windy and started to rain some. This is a shot from our boats looking out to Cherry Island .

For supper, I made chili and Cheryl made potato salad and we were eating when she arrived. And she was surprised. We had met her a couple of times and we had a great evening. We knew that our departure tomorrow would be at noon to leave with the tide.

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