September 10 Seal Cove to Eastport, Maine

What a quiet night in this harbour. We had a great sleep and woke up to a beautiful sunny day. I noticed when I went to download photos that my lens cap was not in my camera bag and that I had left it in Fraser’s van., I called Peter who was working in the harbour this morning and he brought his truck over for me to use. He had a coffee with Jim and Mike while Cheryl and I went to get it.

When we returned, Cheryl got in the bosom chair and took the line up to the first set of spreaders for the American Flag and Q flag. We called to cancel our Roger’s internet and before cancelling the Canadian cell phone service, we called Scot to make an update on our blog. Hope it won’t be too long before we are able to get service for our 3G iPad. Just before leaving the harbour, Mike noticed this sea gull perched on a mast. Guess he had a bird’s eye view. 🙂 We were heading to the USA with a destination of Lubec. We wanted to make Jonesport but the distance was too far for one day. We wanted to leave with the tide and got away at 10:45 hr.

We motor sailed out around Southern Head. Saw a fishing weir on the way and then the Southern Head lighthouse.

We saw a few dolphins playing in the ocean but no photos. Passed by Dark Harbour and down the west side of Grand Manan.



It would have been nice to stay another day on Grand Manan and visit some more with Peter and Kim and family but we had a weather window and had to take it. We could see Grand Manan Island in the distance for a long time and Campobello Island on the other side.When we were motoring, Jim called Border services and was told there is no check in for customs in Lubec. He told us to come to Eastport and if we were not there by their closing time, to tie on the dock and wait on our boat until they opened at 08:00 hr. At that time, we were to all go to the office to check in.

We saw lots of trees and logs in the water and this seal was taking a rest on this large branch or at least I hope he was and wasn’t caught. and we saw some more porpoises playing.



We could see the Islands called the Wolves too. When we would take the ferry to Grand Manan, we would say when we passed by the wolves that it wouldn’t be much longer to get to North Head, Grand Manan.



Also, we saw two whale watching tour boats. The tall ship was out of Eastport.  Jim and Cheryl saw a whale just before we stopped to watch for them. We read that this riptide here is one of the best places to watch for whales.

We did see some porpoises before we headed in past the East Quoddy Lighthouse on Campobello Island.

 While we were motoring in, we could hear the sounds of birds calling. I looked up at the trees and snapped a photo. Wasn’t sure if what I saw were just sticks on top of the trees or eagles. Looking at the photos later, we could see two bald eagles.


The current in here is unbelievable and we saw a few more porpoises. The water is deep, up to 250 ft in places and so many riptides. At times, we were stuck in the same place and only going 1kn.

We passed the Cherry Island Lighthouse and finally made it in to the dock where we tied up beside Amazing Grace.




It was 17:45hr. No wifi here. It was a long day. We noticed after tying up, that our hot water tank was leaking. The leak Mike fixed in Shearwater had worked well so we left it but now installed the plumbing part we bought for it. After supper, a nice young man walked down to the dock. He said he works for the Coast Guard and had seen us today when he was working out on the water. He is stationed in Eastport now and was out for an evening walk. He was saying that the town has a population of 1300 in the summer and only 800 in the winter months. After downloading some photos, we turned in.

Today we travelled 33.7 nm.

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