September 9 Yarmouth to Seal Cove, Grand Manan

Left this morning at 04:15. We would have liked to stay in Yarmouth another day to check out some marine stores but had to cross the Bay of Fundy to Grand Manan when the wind is right, The sunrise today was beautiful and it was a sunny day.

We passed Brier Island and shortly after caught these puffins in the water. Thought of you, Monica. Hope to get more colourful photos of them.

The winds were light easterly and the waters were calm. Persuasion and Amazing Grace had their jibs out and we even got a boost from the current. Just check out our speed! Designed speed is 6.5.



We were disappointed we didn’t see any whales. We did see some dolphins but got no photos. And we are happy to say we even saw the Canadian economy at work in the Bay of Fundy.



Loved this lighthouse, called Gannet Rock Lightouse. We could see it from afar and upon getting closer, noticed that it is being restored. What a beauty. Grand Manan was getting close. What a great crossing we had!



We entered Seal Cove harbour at 13:20. We heard a horn honking but thought it was someone on shore. We found out later that it was my brother working up on the other dock trying to get our attention.

Jim and Cheryl’s friend Elliott had his dad bring us a van to do some sightseeing. I called and left a message for my brother that we had arrived after we got tied up at the dock. Seal Cove is as beautiful as we had remembered from visiting many times before. When we first started coming here, these grey and red smoke sheds were full of herring.

We drove to Dark Harbour and talked to some girls there about the dulse. They said because of the super moon right now, the tides are high and low so it makes for good dulse picking. They take the dory’s out and drag them over the bank to get the dulse. Grand Manan is the dulse capital of the world. And if you haven’t had any, you are missing out. It is good!

We also drove up to North Head and got some shots of the harbour there. Thought we might catch the ferry coming in but no luck.



Peter called back and we drove to their home for supper. Their place is beautiful and so is their view from the backyard. For short notice, they sure had a great supper for all of us. And Grace and Kim made whoopie pies for dessert. They have a new puppy, Canyon and he is adorable as is their fat cat, Crumb. We missed seeing Will, as he had headed back to London, ON for his second year at Western. I didn’t get a photo of Grace and Eli so hope they take one and send it to me.

We left around 20:30 to get back to the boat. It was a great day. So thankful for the good weather, fair winds and fun time with family. No internet service here. Grand Manan is Bell serviced.

Tomorrow will be the start of Leg 4 for us and today we travelled 65.2 nm.

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