September 8 Pubnico to Yarmouth

 What a nice, peaceful night in here. And this morning, although very cool it was a beautiful and sunshiny. We were up early uploading a blog and Mike and Jim went to talk to a local fisherman about the best time to leave for Yarmouth. We headed out at 08:30. Shouldn’t every Grampie have a boat like this? And look at this tuna boat. A guy sits up in this seat to spot the tuna and then a guy from the bow throws the harpoon.

 Pubnico certainly has alot of fishing boats. The winds were NE 10 -15 and we rolled out the jib. Amazing Grace had out her jib and she got this photo of Persuasion.

We went through Schooner Passage and saw lots of islands and lighthouses.

This island was certainly a fishing community but so rocky and they also kept and sheep and goats.

We passed the Forchu lighthouse and headed into the Yarmouth Harbour where we fueled up and then took a mooring ball. We arrived at 13:30.

After arriving, we saw a few boats going out and caught a close up of this one.




Mike helped Jim install his new windlass while Cheryl and I checked out the shops in the town. We had supper Rudder’s Seafood and it was very good. We talked with Sydney, the marina manager about the best time to leave for Grand Manan NB with the Bay of Fundy tides. The sun was setting when we dingied back to the boats. Persuasion and Amazing Grace were sitting pretty on their moorings.

It was another beautiful sunset night for our last night in Nova Scotia.

Mike and Jim checked the winds and weather and I called my brother, Peter to let him know we would be in Grand Manan tomorrow. It was decided we would leave by 04:30 am to get the push with the tide. Looking forward to seeing Peter, Kim and kids.

Today we travelled 28 nm.

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