September 7 SHYC to East Pubnico

We set the alarm for 6 but awoke earlier. It was a rather sleepless night with the rocking and rolling. It finally calmed down after 3 am. It was ok when we slipped the mooring lines off at 06:30.  We motored out toward the lighthouse with Amazing Grace behind us. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning.

We noticed another boat in front of us that had left the club this morning too. A few other boats decided to leave on Monday. By time we got to Sandy Point, you could see the fog rising off the ocean in the sunrise.



After we got past Negro Harbour, we unfurled the jib and started sailing as did Amazing Grace. Winds were W 5-10 kn.

 Mike and I saw a huge whale but didn’t get him on camera. We did see lots of dophins. Man are they fast!

We rounded Cape Sable Island and the winds picked up to 25 kn NW and we were starting to take them on the nose. The waves were not too high, about a metre but very unpleasant rolling. We rolled in the jib for awhile. Jim tried to catch fresh fish for supper but no luck.

We tried the jib again and motor sailed for awhile. We had planned to get to Yarmouth today but because of the waves and wind diverted to East Pubnico. There is a large windmill farm here.

We headed in towards the harbour with Amazing Grace in the lead.




A young fellow told Cheryl they could tie up to a fishing boat and then we rafted beside them. It was around 4:30. We ate supper together and had a beautiful moonlit night.

Today we travelled 54.7 nm

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