September 02 -06 Standing By in Shelburne

We have so enjoyed our time in Shelburne while waiting for Amazing Grace XX.  The Shelburne Harbour is the third largest natural harbour in the world and their yacht club is very beautiful and the members are so welcoming.  Shelburne has had a few movie scenes filmed here such as Jaws, The Scarlet Letter and a mini series Book of Negroes.

When any of them noticed us walking with groceries, we were offered drives and even cars if we needed.  And hey, I even tried out one of the hair shops close by and got a great haircut. We saw many beautiful sunrises.



And equally beautiful sunsets.




The weather was gorgeous.  One day we had fog and drizzle until noon and then it was beautiful.  Lots of calm days on the water made for peaceful relaxation at night.



And these views from Persuasion just before sunset were very easy to enjoy.




On Thursday night we watched race night from the upstairs deck and had a great BBQ with the members.  We met at least 6 other boaters who are leaving here on Sunday, some just going to Maine, others taking various routes to the Bahamas.


Early this evening, Jim and Cheryl arrived at LaHave River Yacht Club and guess who just happened to be in the area camping, Kees and Monica. They were in Bridgewater for supper and stopped at the Club to greet them.  You have been such a great part of our adventure Kees and Monica.  Love you guys.
On Friday, we had been messaging back and forth with Amazing Grace so when we could see her close, we dingied out to meet them.  Hurray the wait is over!!!



It was a great reunion.

We had dinner on Persuasion and on Saturday, Cheryl’s brother, Junior and his wife, Zena drove from Cape Sable Island to bring us a car. Jim took us all out for breakfast and after we visited for awhile on Amazing Grace, we fueled up the boats for an early departure tomorrow. Junior and Zena left and we drove around Cape Sable Island. Beautiful white sand and saw lots of fishing harbours. We were invited to Juniors for supper. Zena had made the best seafood chowder we’ve ever eaten. So yummy. We left and got a few groceries in Barrington and then Junior and Zena met us at the club to get the car. It was around 10 when we got back and the wind was sure howling. Very rocky tonight.

Below is a gallery of photos from our stay in Shelburne.

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