September 1 SHYC

It has been 3 months today that we started our adventure. The tme has flown by but to say we have been a bit homesick would be untrue. We miss our home, neighbours, church, friends and of course family. FaceTime helps bridge the gap but not being able to hold and hug the grandkids tugs at our hearts by times. We are so thankful that we have been able to see Scot, Jody and Margie a few times so far and also had a great time with Becca when she was on board. Hoping to see Sarah in September and Amber and family in October. However, this adventure has led us to appreciate what a beautiful country we live in and the many friendly people we have met.

AIS update

The Captain installed a program that set up our AIS as a tracking station.  So now whenever we have internet we will be uploading our position to the net.  Go ahead and try it.

Now, back to blogging for today’s date. Wow, did it ever rain in the night. Guess the Captain got his wish for rain to wash the salt off the boat! Still raining most of the morning. No leaks. Thank goodness, although we do need a new seal on the v-berth hatch after it got pounded with waves the last 2 days.  Even though I wiped up where the salt water came in, the floor still feels sticky and needs a good scrubbing.   The Captain changed the engine oil and filter as well as  the air filter.

We heard some shouting and a boat shoving off the dock. Got this photo at the last minute of these guys leaving. They were sporting the Irish flag and then we got a look at the name on the boat. Now, they are a long way from home!



We facetimed a couple of the kids and after lunch we dingied in to the club for showers and do laundry. Before we tied off the dinghy, the manager was on the dock and informed us that they were closing up the club in 10 min because of holiday Monday. They have to lock it up because their bar is not in a separate area, he said. Also told us we could just register tomorrow for our mooring and showed us the sailing club where we could shower today. He said if we wanted to do laundry, there was a Laundromat just up the hill.

We headed up with our cart full to the brim with 2 laundry bags. Thanks again to my sister, Heather. They have come in so handy! While we were there, a couple drove in and I noticed their license plate were Ontario. We started talking to them and asked where they were from and he said they lived south of Ottawa. When I asked what town, he smiled and thought we may not recognize the name. When he said Kemptville and we told him we were from South Mountain, they were quite surprised. What are the odds? Another reminder of what a small world it is. They have a cottage in Clark’s Harbour on Cape Sable Island. We had a great chat and are hoping to see them when we go there.

We brought our clean laundry back to the boat and decided to take a walk up through town and to the Tim Horton’s. It was quite a walk, 3 km one way. We ate supper there and got some shots of neat looking shingled houses along the way.

The old Post Office is vacant but what a beautiful building.  The old Fire Station now houses the Shelburne County Archives and Genealogical Society.




These wood carvings were at the front of one of the local motels.




By the time we walked back it was almost dusk. We heard from Jim and Cheryl and they are on their way to Halifax today and should be here by the weekend. We are happy to stay here until they arrive and will do our next update at that time with a photo gallery of the Historic Dock Street District which we will explore this week. Our reward for a busy day and long walk was this beautiful sunset.

5 thoughts on “September 1 SHYC

  1. we are having a block party this saturday to get aquainted with all the neighbours. wish you were here.Vic and Shiela have organized it.Our place is central so we will have a table set out for coffee and sandwiches and we hope the kids will decorate thier bikes and will have a silly walk contest. It should be fun and of course everyone will give thier names and phone numbers and it wil be a neighbourhood watch list.
    I have been following your blog every day or so I check it. It s fun to follow your journey.when are you heading south. charlene


    1. Oh we are so sad to miss it. Always said we’d love to have one. Say hi to Mandy and Jeremy and Leslie and also to Lee and Dawn. Hope Aaron and Megan get to go. Take some photos. Miss you guys lots. Hope you had a good trip last week. xo


  2. Our friend Barry from Kemptville met you this past week. We are from Metcalfe and have been down to the Bahamas for two winters down on our catamaran .
    We so enjoyed ourselves but did sell our powercat. We have just bought a 52 ft Jefferson last month. It is on the hard on west coast of Florida. We do intend to be there end of October to Dec. 1 getting it ready for Bahamas. We are very excited as we did not go to Bahamas last winter (a road trip instead). The name of our new boat is Time Out VI. If you have any questions we will be happy to help. It was nice the second time we went to Exumas as then we knew all the spots for anchoring, which marinas are reasonable, where to check in for customs, where to get a good cucumber, just important stuff like that. 😉 Metcalfe is so close to your town. We boated for over 10 years on the St. Lawrence, not far from Metcalfe.


    1. Hey, great to hear from you. It was so nice to meet Barry and Miriam. Such lovely people. We came back to the boat and tried to find your blog. They told us you had gotten a different boat and have gone to your site. Lovely yacht you have. Thanks for all the info. Yes we sail out of Long Sault and went to the Thousand Islands for many summers. It will be nice not to be shoveling all this winter. We will look for you. Staying in Florida until after Christmas as we will come back to ON for the holidays. Then cross over to Bahamas. We will definitely be watching for
      Time Out VI. We will definitely take you up on your offer if we have questions. Will keep your email. Our friends arrived today and we will go to Cape Sable on Sunday or Monday. Hope we get to see Barry and Miriam. And yes, Metcalfe is close to us, my hairdresser lives there! Hope you have a great fall and enjoy your time in Florida getting your new boat ready.


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