August 31 Brooklyn Yacht Club to Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club

This morning was not as cool as yesterday but the season is sure changing fast. After breakfast we went up to the clubhouse and one of the members was there who is also going south so we talked to him for a few minutes. A great cozy little club here. We shoved off the dock at 08:00 and headed out.


Winds were SW 10-15 kn and we were unsure if we would only go as far as Lockeport or Shelburne. About an hour later the winds picked up to 20-25kn. The captain did not think the waves were as bad as the day before but we still took a pounding. Mike vomited again today and I had to take something for the nausea.

There was not much scenery along the way and the day grew cloudy and dreary. Much like the way we were feeling. Mike thought this island looked rather unique, Ram Island. Despite the seasickness we bypassed Lockeport and kept going.



Once we turned into the river and got the wind behind us, it was much smoother and we felt better. There are a lot of fish farms in here.

Shelburne has quite the harbour and dry dock too.





I called the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club and the manager told us they would be closed by time we got in. He said to just take a mooring ball and also gave us the code for the wifi. We arrived at 17:10 It is very picturesque here and I can’t wait to explore the town tomorrow.

By the way, their signal for wifi is amazing. The only place we have had wifi this good since home was when visiting at Scot’s in Moncton and Kees and Monica’s in Halifax. It’s great to get some good FaceTimes in with the kids.

Today be travelled 48.7 nm.

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