August 30 LRYC to Brooklyn Yacht Club

Wowzers, it is cold this morning…..only 10 degrees in the boat. As you can see from the photo, the water is warmer than the air.


We slipped off the mooring lines and motored into the club for showers and to check messages from Jim and talk to Monica. We left the club at 09:45. The sun was getting warmer but as you can see, Mike had to dig his woollies out. Thanks again to Jody’s mom for knitting these warm socks. She knit a pair for each of us and all our grandkids. Awesome red woollies!

This float plane flew over top of us, so I took this for you, Uncle Lee. Once again, I was reminded how much the scenery along here reminds me of the Saint John river.



We passed the cable ferry and this time got a shot of the LaHave Bakery from the river. I forgot to post the link for it in our blog the other day. If you are in the area, you should check it out, you won’t be disappointed.



The waters were smooth and Mike took a little detour through Covey Island passage.  As you can see, it is very picturesque in here.

We headed out. The winds were SW and the waves were building. The engine started acting up and Mike knew we needed to change the fuel filter. It wasn’t due to be changed until we had 1100 hr on the engine but he could tell that we needed to do it now. Fortunately we were close to a spot where we could get out of the wind a bit. We motored into Halibut Bay and anchored in 25 ft. The bottom was all rock but thank goodness we caught a rock. As you can see, there is so much rock in here and the waves were crashing on shore. After about a half hour we motored back out.

I got lunch and things were clanging around below with the waves. Was I glad to get back up in the cockpit. Winds had increased to 20 -25 kn gusting to 30.  Waves were building more and Mike went down to check on our nav program and said “Boy, I wouldn’t want to stay down there too long” I went down to check below and of course water had come into the V berth. In around the window and a bit along the side through the anchor well. Not much as we had put butyl tape around the windlass wiring after taking water in on Gaspé. Guess we will add a bit more.   I was so glad to get up out of there and came up to see Mike bending over the back of the boat.  In our 39 years of marriage, this is only the 3rd time he has thrown up. Says he has a cast iron stomach. Well he was seasick today. So surprised I wasn’t and hadn’t even taken a gravol. Always stay up in the cockpit and look at the front of the boat we’ve been told.

When the boat would go down into the wave, if another one hit us alongside the noise was deafening. The waves were crashing up over the boat and over the enclosure and into the cockpit. Persuasion was being pounded. Look at these photos.It seemed like a very long day. We motored in towards Liverpool. We saw these two boats tied up, wondered if they may scallop draggers. Seems like a dry dock here too. We tried to hail the Brooklyn marina. A local fisherman answered our call and said there was no one at the club, just to tie up at the dock. We arrived at 18:00 and the wind was still blowing. We went into the club to pay and talked to a man we had met in Lunenburg. And had a nice chat with some folks from Rockland ME.

There is a huge plant that is across from the club. A member was telling us that it employed a lot of local people and the Washington Post owned 49%. It closed last year and is being demolished. There is also a salmon hatchery in here. We talked to Jim who made it safely to Port Hawkesbury and to Monica and Kees who were on their way back to Halifax to deliver the dinghy. What great friends we have!

We came back to our boat and Mike filled up our water tanks and washed alot of the salt off the boat. Hoping to get an early start in the morning and for better seas.

Today we travelled 34.7 nm.

2 thoughts on “August 30 LRYC to Brooklyn Yacht Club

    1. Well thanks Mike, am trying my best. We are enjoying the scenery along the way and yes, the bakery is something to see and good food. You and and Doreen would love it!


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