August 29 LaHave awaiting weather

First of all, we would like to thank all our followers for joining us on this adventure. We receive your comments and although, we don’t always get a chance to reply back, we sure appreciate them. Thank you also to those who send comments by personal email and phone calls. I know some of the posts sound mundane but we need the journals as much for us as for you followers. Wifi has been an issue by times and we realize we do not upload daily (maybe because we have taken the day off) lol. The blog will give us many years of reminiscing as we grow older and look through our daily posts.

Well, what a windy night! Sometimes we could hear the wind howling down through the mast. It sounded like a motor boat in the distance. At least on the mooring ball, we weren’t thrown against the dock. We woke up to rain but eventually it subsided. Still very windy though. We listened to the marine weather and debated whether to leave for Liverpool. The wind was out of the north which would be good as it would be behind us but also heard the waves would be building out on the ocean. So we decided to stay put for another day.

We lowered the dinghy and headed in to the club after lunch. The wind was blowing and the river was choppy. We uploaded a blog and visited with some of the members. They invited us to a social tonight, sponsored by the Boat Locker in Lunenburg. Food was yummy and we met some more nice people. We headed back out to the mooring ball just before dark. The wind had died down and the water was much calmer.

Oh, an update on Jim and Cheryl. They left Pictou this morning headed for Port Hawkesbury. The winds were supposed to diminish but didn’t. They were caught in waves 3-4 m so had to go 10 nm back to get a safe anchorage in Merigomish. And more bad luck, they had a bag of garbage in their dinghy with bottles in it. The waves and wind broke the bottles and put a hole in one of the pontoons. Monica and Kees to the rescue! They plan to take a drive to Port Hawkesbury to meet Jim and Cheryl there tomorrow to pick up the dinghy and then drop it at a shop in Halifax to be repaired.  It should be ready  when Amazing Grace arrives there. Its a three and half hour drive one way for them. Aren’t these guys just the greatest!! Jim and Cheryl are sure thankful. We love you Kees and Monica.

I didn’t take many photos today. Got a shot of some of the boats in the early evening. Water certainly does not look as calm as it did in yesterday’s post.

Lots of boats on their mooring balls
Taken from Persuasion just before sunset
Some boats now safely back in their slips

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