August 27-28 LRYC awaiting Hurricane Cristobal

Wednesday was another warm, beautiful day and we hung around the club visiting, chatting and blogging. It was a nice, relaxing day and we took some photos of the boat yard.

Today, Thursday, we woke up to rain but was expecting it so had planned a work day on Persuasion. We inspected, cleaned, tightened and lubricated the steering. We also tightened the stuffing box. Mike also scrubbed the cockpit today while I selected photos for the blog. It rained on and off today with some sunny breaks. . Before supper, the commodore came and told us about the impending winds from Cristobal. He thought we should move to a mooring ball. All the boats here with slips also have a mooring ball and if it is giving bad storms with high winds, they move out to their balls.

We had supper at the club restaurant and moved out to the mooring field around 19:00. They are forecasting winds N 25-30 kn and waves of 3-5 meters on the ocean. Increasing NE winds on Friday. We may or may not get away tomorrow.

Here are some photos of the yacht club and area.

Check out this wooden boat
Lots of wooden boats around
Look at the detail
Beautiful church backdrop for these boats
A calm day on the river
Peaceful and serene
This is what happens when you don’t vent after fueling
Marine railway for hauling the boats
Pretty mural on the garage door
Work shed
Tractor and trailer for hauling boats
The name on the tractor is Hot Granny
A labour of love
Huge wooden mast
Another wooden boat under reno’s
One of the local churches
View of yacht club from our mooring ball
Canoeists out for a sunset paddle
More boats on mooring balls
Sunset view from Persuasion
Sun going down

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