August 24-26 LRYC to Bridgewater to LRYC

Sunday morning after breakfast and showers we uploaded some blogs and visited with some of the club members. We learned that 2 boats left here a couple of weeks ago headed for the Bahamas. It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided we would go to Bridgewater for a few supplies. We left at 13:45 and arrived within an hour. Just a short 6.4 nm.


Very scenic along the way.

And the guide book said to watch for a Canadian Naval vessel and other derelict vessels adjacent to the marina.

We tied up to the public day dock. A very nice waterfront park. The property used to be Acadia Gas Engine Company Ltd. years ago.

We lowered the dinghy and headed over to the dinghy dock on the other side of the bridge. Seems Bridgewater was bustling in days gone by. These plaques were in a gazebo at street level with stairs or a ramp leading down to the river.

A well maintained park area is here now and it was a short walk to the bridge to get to the mall.

Not much was open so we went to Tim Horton’s and then walked to the Superstore for groceries. After supper, a couple of motor boats tied up and a sailboat rafted beside us. They mentioned that we could probably stay on the dock overnight. We worked on a photo gallery, took a walk and some photos and turned in early.

Monday, after lunch we decided to walk to the mall again. Only this time, we didn’t take the dinghy. It was about a 20 minute walk. We want to buy a 3G Ipad to use for our internet connection when we get to the US. The Source in the mall told us we may get one at Staples or Walmart. That was a 40 min walk away and on a busy highway. So off we went. No luck! Staples could order one in and it would take a day or two. We called our son Scot in Moncton and he went to Future Shop and got us one. He is taking it to Jim and Cheryl in Shediac tomorrow. We have great kids!

We ate supper at Swiss Chalet and started the long walk back to the boat. We got a few shots of the town, not great as it was dusk.

Liked the name on this barber shop, a cobbler shop on the corner and a beautiful B & B.

It was getting dark by the time we arrived back and we stayed another night on the dock. We certainly got our exercise today. We met a very nice man who moved to Bridgewater 5 years ago from Labrador.



Tuesday morning we left with the tide at 09:20 and again was reminded how peaceful and scenic the river is here. Some spots along the way reminded me of the Saint John river. The man we met last night told us about a bald eagle nest along the river. We spotted one, can you?

We arrived at the club at 10:20. When we checked our Imessages, we were pleased to hear that Kees and Monica were coming out for the afternoon. We were hoping to see them again after their trip to ON and before we left the area.



We went with them up to LaHave Bakery for lunch. What a place. Interesting to see the bakery down in the basement, the restaurant and gift shop on the main floor, art gallery on the second floor and a skateboard park and shop on the third floor. here are a few shots of the main floor.

After lunch, we came back to the club and enjoyed a great visit with them on the front porch.

We couldn’t believe the time had flown by so fast. It was 18:00 and members were arriving for race night. We said goodbye to them once more as they headed home. It is always such a fun visit. They even offered to pick up Jim’s windlass at the Binnacle and take it to them wherever they dock in Halifax. That way, they won’t have to wait over the long weekend in Halifax. Kees and Monica you guys are the best!

Update on Jim and Cheryl is that they are leaving for Charlottetown in the morning and hope to be in Halifax on Sunday.

We had trouble with the wifi here in the evening and also with our Rogers stick. Got a few uploaded to WordPress though and hope to publish it in the morning. We expect we will stay here at the club until Hurricane Cristobal blows over. She is supposed to be way off shore but could get lots of rain Thursday.

Round trip we travelled 12.8 nm.

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