August 23 Lunenburg to Lahave River Yacht Club

A bit of cloud this morning at 09:15 as we weighed anchor and left Lunenburg. This Highliner factory is probably a source of employment for the residents here. As we headed out, we rolled out the jib and motor sailed. The winds were NE 15-20 kn. The waves were on the quarter at first, 1-2 meters.  We also passed the Ovens Natural Park. The trails and campground located there seems to draw lots of visitors.

We spotted this ship anchored, knew he was in the area as he showed up on our AIS, named the Earl Grey, a coast guard vessel.It was very picturesque along the way and captured a close up of these two homes that have a beautiful view of the ocean.

We also noticed how quickly the landscape changed. Sheer rock all along and then cliffs of sand.

This modern styled house has a beautiful view as well. Shortly after that we turned toward the Lahave River and the waters were much calmer.

We met lots of sailboats. We found out later that they were from the LRYC and were on their way to Lunenburg.




We want to stop at the Lahave Bakery we have heard so much about from other boaters, but will do so on our way out. Got a shot of the cable ferry crossing the Lahave river. We rolled in our jib and headed into the yacht club around noon.



People are very friendly and we had a great lunch at their restaurant. We uploaded some photos, blogs and did some Facetimes. Beautiful peaceful night with a great sunset.

Today we travelled 19.1 nm.

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