August 17-22 Lazily Lying in Lunenburg

We met some wonderful people welcoming us to Lunenburg. We decided to stay a few days so we got off the mooring ball and anchored. We have enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets here. We have been waiting for our friends Jim and Cheryl to catch up with us in their 38 ft catamaran, Amazing Grace XX. They left Brighton, Ontario on Aug 1 but right away ran into a bit of trouble. They had to wait a few days to get their propane system checked in Kingston and then had bad weather in Quebec city that delayed them a few days. It was very cold for them up along the Gaspé too. They left 2 months later than we did and it is still cold there! I mentioned before that we were so thankful for our enclosure. Even with that, we wore many layers of clothing. Imagine having rain beating in. Cheryl is working on making an enclosure and sure wishes it was finished before their trip.  At least they have had internet service throughout the Gaspé.  We didn’t as we have Rogers and they have Bell.  We took advantage of our time here while waiting for them. Mike worked on installing the new wash down pump that we bought at the Binnacle in Halifax. Needed some more wire so got that at the electronic store in town and he changed the joker valve in the head. Now, we just need to get the oven working.

Ranger arrived in Lunenburg on Sunday and their guests left on Monday. They anchored out in the bay and on Monday we had Amy, Dale, Harvey the poodle for supper. On Tuesday evening we had dessert on their boat and they were making plans to leave here in the morning making their way to Rockland Maine. They have decided that they will not be making the trek to Bahamas this year. They enjoyed Baddeck, Cape Breton and other parts of NS so much that they think they will come back next summer. A big part of their trip this year was coming down the St. Lawrence like us. They had left their boat in Rochester, NY last year so in May they headed out from there, enjoyed the Thousand Islands for a bit and left for the seaway around the end of June. We may see them somewhere along the way. Fair winds and safe travels, Ranger.

The tall ship, Lord Nelson left on Tuesday. To get her fueled, she backed up and then 2 dingies pushed her over to the fuel dock. It was interesting seeing the crew hanging off the mast getting the sails ready. On Wednesday, we made the long trek up to the hardware store again and walked a bit further to the only Laundromat in town. And we did it again on Thursday! We had moved all the clothes out of the cupboards when Mike installed the wash down pump. All was secured properly, hose in place, so when he finished it up on another day, and started the pump to check it, figured no problem. Wrong!! The 1/2 inch hose Mike had bought at Canadian Tire in Halifax was somehow defective. Looked like it had been melted somehow and it leaked around it. You guessed it, all over the clothes in both lockers. Drats!   However, he got that fixed and it is great having water to wash the mud off of the anchor and chain. We are hoping Jim and Cheryl will be no more than a week or so away now. They arrived in Shediac today but need to get some new parts installed and work done on Amazing Grace XX. We would like to meet up with them at Shelburne and then cross the Bay of Fundy to Grand Manan Island together. Looking forward to seeing my brother and family who live there. Below is a gallery of photos we took during our stay here in Lunenburg. It really is a beautiful town, although they are not really set up for cruisers.

4 thoughts on “August 17-22 Lazily Lying in Lunenburg

  1. Kees and I enjoyed another visit with the Captain and the Admiral yesterday afternoon (August 26) in LeHave. Thank you for a delicious lunch at the LeHave Bakery, very nice!!
    I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day, third in a row here in Nova Scotia 🙂


  2. Met Jim and Cheryl last week and they were anxious to get caught up to you
    Sorry to hear Ranger changed their plans about going south. Hope they didn t run into trouble as didn t hear why

    Safe travels and we keep checking you blog.


    1. Hi JP and Diane

      So good to here from you. Hope you enjoyed the Bras d’Ors as much as we did. Ranger say they want to explore more of Nova Scotia. We hope to meet up with Jim and Cheryl Wed next week.


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