August 16 Still in Lunenburg

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning and giving a nice warm day here. We dingied Becca in for a run and after showers and breakfast, she got all packed up, ready to meet Rae Ann for 13:00.  It’s been so fun having her onboard and we will sure miss her.


We heard this morning that my Uncle Delbert passed away. We were so thankful that his daughter brought him down to see us in Shediac and we got some photos. He enjoyed hearing about our trip and every time he saw his kids, he would ask about our blog and where we were on our trip. I spent many weekends and family vacations with them growing up. His passion was flying and he even built his own airplane. We are thinking of you all today. 😦

We got some last minute photos with Becca. Today was my photo shoot with her as Mike got his yesterday. 🙂 and we finally got one of Rae Ann. What a nice girl. Thank you for helping us out Rae Ann. Always sad to see our kids go but thankful for the fun visit.

Mike and I walked back to the hardware store again. This time I captured photos of a couple of B & B’s on Falkland St.



Here are some shots of The Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Ltd. The old buildings say alot of the business of yesteryears.

I thought this was a sweet little house along the path beside the Foundry building.




We enjoyed a Tim Horton’s lunch and got wifi there to facetime some of the kids.  Just after arriving back at the boat we heard a horn sounding and the Lord Nelson tall ship was coming into the harbour.



We had another beautiful sunset tonight.

2 thoughts on “August 16 Still in Lunenburg

  1. Lunenburg is so beautiful! It must have been very difficult to say good-bye to Becca 😦
    Wondering where you are now (August 25)……


  2. Was such an amazing time on board with you guys and visiting the east coast again. Love you guys and miss you everyday xx


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