August 14 Rogue’s Roost to Lunenburg

We awoke early and slipped the mooring lines off and left the anchorage at 07:30 and motored past Prospect Bay.

We had decided that we would probably not go into Chester or Mahone Bay. We had been there by car before and know it is very beautiful. I would have loved to see it again, this time by water, but with it being Chester race week, knew it would be very busy with boat traffic.

The boat from Florida had left earlier this morning and radioed to Ranger saying the waves were 2 meters high out on the ocean.

We didn’t notice that they were bad but oh, we soon found out as we got along further. The waves were on our quarter and were 2-3 meters.



Winds were SE 15-20 kn with gust to 25 kn. You could see and sometimes hear the waves crashing on the shore.   We had the jib out and we were flying.



It wasn’t long before all the rolling made Becca and I sick. We took gravol and wished we had taken it before we left. The captain was ok, but his legs were sore, bracing himself to steer.


The gravol started working and seems Becca and I slept off the sickness.



We finally got a bit of calm as we headed into Lunenburg. We hailed the marina and was told to tie up to a dock or we could take a mooring ball.But the winds picked up again and were so strong by then that Becca and I could hardly secure the mooring line. They were gusting up to 30 kn!

We have a great view of the waterfront and a beautiful golf course behind us.

We finally got settled and after lunch, Becca went for a run. We went up to the Boatlocker to pay our mooring fees. We were rather surprised that there is not many facilities here for boaters. There is no fuel and there is 1 public washroom/shower. The closest yacht club is located far from the town, between Mahone Bay and Lunenburg.

Mike walked up to the Esso with his jerry cans to get diesel and after we had showers, we walked around the town a bit. I remembered visiting here years ago by car and how picturesque it is here. It is even more so by water. Looking forward to more sightseeing tomorrow. We bought some groceries and came back and barbequed. This evening, we looked at some pictures and worked on the blog. Also we heard from Rae Ann, saying that she would be able to drive down for Becca on Saturday and drop her at the airport. Awesome!

Today we travelled 35.3 nm.

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