August 13 Armdale Yacht Club to Rogue’s Roost

Becca had some great trails to run on this morning. Then she decided to take a dip in the refreshingly cool water.  When she got out we noticed this star fish hanging on the plant life attached to the dock chain.


After breakfast and showers, we slipped the lines and headed out of the Arm around 09:05. It was a beautiful sunny day. We said goodbye to Halifax and snapped this shot of what we could see of her behind us.




We were getting ready to haul the jib out when we heard quite the noise overhead. This chopper seemed so close. This photo was after we recovered from the scare and got him in the distance.



Becca enjoyed the sailing and tacking. We arrived at Rogue’s Roost at 13:30 and picked up a mooring ball. It was a scary entrance. The guide said to stay uncomfortably close to Roost Island to avoid a rock.

Very rugged landscape and picturesque looking into Prospect Bay.

We went for a dinghy ride and saw this brass plaque on a large rock. Didn’t get it all the words included in the shots so will add both photos.




IMG_9269Ranger was on a mooring ball as well. They had guests visiting from Minnesota for a few days and we headed over to a beach.We met some nice people from the Royal Nova Scotia Squadron there. They were on a mooring ball in our anchorage too.

Ranger and their guests had picked and cleaned some mussels. We were all invited to enjoy them on the boat from the Squadron. We met another couple there too from Florida who are heading south. The mussels were so good. Amy made a creamed garlic sauce which was yummy.

We came back to Persuasion and barbequed and had a nice quiet evening. It was a great day. Having a great time with Becca here. She took this selfie of us on our dinghy ride. 🙂

Today we travelled 25.6 nm

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