August 9 -11 Hanging in Halifax

Up early this morning. Nice sunny day. Packed all our things to go to Kees amd Monica’s for a few days. Persuasion was on a mooring ball so we took the dinghy over and met them at 10:00. Haven’t seen them for 2 years and it was fun catching up. Just like old times.

We went to their apartment. And wow, what a place, so roomy and bright. After lunch, Mike and Kees did some errands. I started some laundry and Monica and I relaxed. Later on, we went for a drive out to a housewarming for one of Monica’s nieces. We saw alot of Monica’s family that we had met when they visited her in Barrie. It was great seeing her Dad again too.

We also made a stop to visit with Kee’s mom. We had met her in Barrie as well. Had a great chat with her. Then Monica and Kees took us for supper at Acadian Fish and Chips. Nice, clean place that a lady from Nfld opened up. Fish and chips were great!

On Sunday, we ran into Sobey’s to get a few things for lunch. And Scot, Jody, Margie and Becca arrived around 14:00. So happy to finally see her again. She was home last October. And of course, good to see Scot and family again.

Another great lunch. Margie had a great time exploring the apartment and playing with Grampie while we all got caught up.  Then Scot, Jody and Margie left for Digby for a couple of days.

We went for a drive out to Grand Lake to see Monica’s sister’s cottage. Wow, what a place. Got a shot of the view from the cottage.  Wished I had walked down to the lake to take one of the cottage. It is massive, beautiful inside and out and since they have 6 children and most of them were there with their spouses and kids, it was a beehive of excitement. Reminded me so much of our place when everyone is around.

Monica had supper planned with the Yeadon’s. Graham and Sharon came over and we had a great feast. Then we walked over to their place for dessert. They have a beautiful home. Sharon had a birthday cake for Monica as it was her birthday on the 8th and we had an ice cream cake as well. Her lemon sponge cake was so yummy.

We had not seen the Yeadon’s since 2008 so it was great to get caught up. It was just like old times in Barrie but without the Tracey’s 😦 Good time reminiscing.

On Monday morning, Monica took us for groceries and Mike for a much needed haircut while Kees went for an oil change. After lunch, they drove us back to the Dartmouth Yacht Club and we took the tender service out to the dinghy. Drats, when we arrived, we realized that our life jackets were in their car and we had taken the truck.

As you can see we were well loaded with groceries, supplies, laundry and our bags.

They visited with us for awhile on the boat and then made another trip out with our life jackets.

Rebecca relived old times by jumping off the tarzan rope. Except this water was not the warm temperatures of the Thousand Islands. It was a cool 65°F!

Meanwhile Mike worked on the step to ease getting on and off the dinghy.  Works great.  Thanks for the assistance Kees.

In the evening, Todd and Rae Ann came over at 19:30 and we had supper together. What a nice couple. Forgot to get a photo for them. She and Becca hit it off really well. Rae Ann may even drive to Lunenburg to pick Becca up for her flight on Saturday.

So our time in Halifax was full of visits and laughs. Didn’t get alot of photos as we were always busy having fun. Thank you again, Monica and Kees for everything. Love you guys.

2 thoughts on “August 9 -11 Hanging in Halifax

  1. Thank you for making us a small part of your adventure!! It was great to get caught up and enjoy your company again 🙂 Til we meet again, XO
    ps We will be following your blog 🙂


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