August 7 Resting in Shearwater

Woke up to no fog!  We found a leak in the hot water system last night.  Noticed it because we had no pressure.  Mike found that it was not anything major, just a coupling so he put some epoxy putty on it until we get to a hardware store. Lots of action here this morning with cargo ships.  The tugs were busy!  There was a helicopter buzzing around.

And how different the Ultramar storage facility looks today without the fog.

Mid morning we took the dinghy in to the club and walked uptown to Tim Horton’s for lunch.  We saw this teeny tiny car and thought the grand boys would like it.  It seats one, called Midget II, as you can see.  It’s a 1997 and can be yours for a mere 10K.

We saw the sailing school kids out. It is amazing how fast their boat can tip over but even more so how fast they can upright it!

Very warm afternoon but a great breeze.  We dingied back to the boat, grabbed some laundry and our shower bags and went back to the club for awhile.  Checked to see if we could meet up with Rae Ann but she was busy tonight.  Hopefully, will see her and Todd next week.  We checked the mail and did some Face times. Our daughter, Rebecca who lives in London, England is in ON right now.  So, all 4 of our kids are having a family reunion without the parents. 😦 Left a message for our friend, Monica telling her we made it to Halifax.

After supper, we uploaded more blogs and watched a couple shows on TV. Monica called back.  They are camping in South Shore NS and will pick us up on Saturday morning.  Can’t wait to see her and Kees.

Nice moon tonight and great sunset.

3 thoughts on “August 7 Resting in Shearwater

  1. So nice to see the blog uploaded and with some great pictures!! Will be showing the boys all the pics in the morning. Love you guys!!


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