August 6 Owl’s Head to Shearwater

Woke up to fog…really fogged in.  Waited awhile and although still foggy, we weighed anchor at 08:00.  Snapped this shot of the boat behind us. Left the anchorage and headed out to the ocean.

We heard on the news that it should clear by late morning.  It was so foggy that we could not see more than an half a mile.  Radar was on of course and we also had our fog horn sounding every 2 minutes. As a result of the fog, and the fact that we were on the ocean, we didn’t see too much.  We did see seals a couple of times and Mike saw a large porpoise or whale once.  Finally, we got a glimpse of land.

It was foggy even as we motored into the Eastern Passage.  It is a very tricky channel to get through and we were glad we did it on high tide.  We passed Lawlor Island. Across from there, we saw people out fishing.

We could hardly make out all the Ultramar tanks at the storage facility because of the fog.

We also saw an auto carrier ship unloading cars. In the distance and out of the fog, we could see the auto port.

This morning, after we were underway for awhile, I called the folks we had met at the SCYC in Port Hawkesbury, Todd and Rae Ann.  They belong to the Shearwater Yacht Club and they offered the use of their mooring ball across from the club.  Spoke with Rae Anne and she told me that the day they left SCYC, their auto pilot failed and they ran aground. They were 2 days from home after sailing their boat all the way from Belleville.  It was towed to Baddeck to be repaired.  What a shame. We picked up the mooring ball at 14:20 and relaxed for a bit.

Finally, we could get Roger’s service so checked email and started uploading some blogs.  The fog rolled in and out today.  It is crazy.  We wanted to dinghy over and pick up RaeAnn to come out for the evening but the fog was so bad by 17:30, we could not even see across the bay to the club.  By 21:00, it had cleared out again.  We uploaded a couple of blogs and even can get some TV stations here.  Before bed, I got this shot of a couple tankers all lit up at night.

Today we travelled 40.9 nm.

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