August 5 Liscombe River to Owl’s Head

Alarm went off at 05:30 as we had planned to leave with Ranger around 06:00.  Turns out we didn’t get away quite that early. Amy and Dale mentioned that they might head right on to Halifax today to be there before Bertha hit.  They would radio us and let us know. We weighed anchor and let Ranger lead at 06:45.

Very foggy heading out of the river and even more so out on the Atlantic.  Just as we were out of the river and into the Atlantic we saw a long pink streak in the water.  We looked down and it was a long wave of jelly fish.  Couldn’t believe how pink the water was.  By time I grabbed the camera, we were past them.

Sometimes the fog was so bad, it was hard to see the boat beside you. Thank goodness for radar.  Before lunch, Ranger radioed that they would continue on to Halifax.  They hoped to make it there by 20:00.  We had been listening to the marine radio updates and it sounded like Bertha would not be affecting the area here so we decided we would go to Owls Head, halfway to Halifax. The fog cleared by noon and we saw a lot of seals playing in the ocean.

There was a boat in Liscombe River from the Dartmouth Yacht Club and they headed out this morning too.  Snapped this shot of their boat and the fog behind them.

Snapped these photos of an island for the grandkids.  Thought they might think it looked like a crocodile.

We turned as Ranger headed out towards Halifax.  Hoping to catch up with them again there.  It was sunny and warm the rest of the day.  We saw some mussel or oyster harvesters out in the bay as we motored in past the Owls Head lighthouse.

We set the anchor at 14:30.  Had a relaxing afternoon and supper.  Cell phone coverage here, but no internet service.  Hoping for sure to have it tomorrow so we can transfer the last few days of the blog from our word document to Word Press and upload the pictures.

The fog rolled in quickly here after 19:00.

Today we travelled 48.1 nm.

5 thoughts on “August 5 Liscombe River to Owl’s Head

  1. Hi, I see by the AIS info you guys have made it to Halifax – welcome! Give a whistle if you need anything.


  2. Marine Traffic is tracking you well, now that you’re in to Halifax area. Within walking distance of The Binnacle now – nice!


  3. Friday Aug 8 – you’re in Halifax, way up in the harbour. I thought – what a great anchorage! Then I saw you were at a dock. WIMP!


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