August 4 Lying around in Liscombe River

Rained hard here most of the night and was rainy and foggy this morning.  Mike worked on the oven for a bit this morning. Not sure what the problem is.  Annoying, as we just got a new part for it awhile ago and only used it once or twice before it stopped working. The rain and fog lifted around 10:00 and we dingied into the dock at the lodge.  Met Amy, Dale and Harvey, their standard poodle there.  We could get wifi there, not real well but enough to check the weather updates for tropical storm Bertha and to face time with some of the kids.  Scot, Jody and Margie are in ON right now at Amber’s and Margie is having a blast with Tayton, Easton, and Elle.  Makes us miss them all.

Then Mike and I decided to go for a hike.  Beautiful grounds here and peaceful surroundings.  Quite a little waterfall too.
IMG_8820 Liscombe river falls

We stopped by Ranger and got some info from Amy and Dale from their cruising guides and chatted with them on where we would anchor tomorrow.

After lunch, it seemed like a good afternoon for a nap. Later in the day, the sun came out and it was really nice.  After supper, we dingied back to the shore, walked around a bit, checked email and took more photos.  Getting anxious to upload pictures and blog when we get good internet connection.

Water is so still in here and Persuasion is sitting pretty at anchor.  Fog rolled in round 21:00.

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