August 3 Tor Bay to Liscombe River

It was a restless night.  We were up twice checking the anchor, even though we had the anchor alarm set.  We felt the swells of the tide a few times and it started raining in the night.It was still raining and foggy this morning. We weighed anchor at 07:45, leaving the anchorage and heading out to the Atlantic.

The fog started to lift around 10:30 and it was sunny and warm by noon.  Ranger (the name of the boat of the MN couple we met) hailed us and they were going to Liscombe River too.

We anchored in the river at 15:00.  Not quite so sunny anymore but very quiet and peaceful.

The Liscombe River Resort is here and for $20.00 per boat, you can use the facilities, swimming pool, trails, canoes, and a nice dining room.  We took advantage of that and after showering, we went for supper with Amy and Dale from Ranger.  Met some other nice boaters and headed back to the boat to make sure all the screens were up.  Lots of mosquitoes out tonight.  And once again, there is no cell phone coverage here or internet connection.

Today we travelled 42.3 nm.

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