August 2 St. Peter’s to Tor Bay

Weighed anchor at 07:30 and headed around to the lock. Tied up and waited for the bridge to open and were told we had to wait while they locked through an inbound boat.

There was a huge one coming in.  Rena and she was registered in Montego Bay, but not necessarily from there. She even had her own chase boat named Rena.

We were locked through by 09:00.  Just out of the locks we spotted this bald eagle on the shore.  Not much further and this seal swam along the boat bidding us farewell, I guess.

We headed for Lennox Passage Bridge and motored through with no wait. Snapped this shot of a Coast Guard ship anchored in Inhabitants Bay.  And in the distance we could see what we thought were two cargo ships meeting.  We said goodbye to Cape Breton waters and entered the Strait of Canso.

The water was so calm and we had quite a show from porpoises. Couldn’t get a shot of them all because they were all over the place.   It was amazing.

This seal was not to be outdone by them so he showed off for us too.

We came upon the two cargo ships that we saw earlier and they were anchored along with two pilot boats.

We went through Canso Harbour as that was where we had planned to spend the night but we were not impressed so continued on.  Also tried Andrew Island but it looked so rocky for anchoring.  How the landscape had changed after the Cape Breton waters.  Very rugged rock.  We decided to press on to Tor Bay.

Once on the Atlantic Ocean, we noticed a couple of abandoned lighthouse keepers houses beside the now automated lights.  We also saw lots of snow geese.

Once in Tor Bay we headed for Larry River to settle for the night but it looked very shallow and not a well marked channel.

We then motored back into Tor Bay and found a suitable anchorage at 19:15.  We had no cell phone coverage or internet service here. We turned in early.  It seemed like a long day.

Today we travelled 62.2 nm.

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