August 1 St. Peter’s – deux

Rained hard most of the night here.  And then was cloudy and scattered showers all morning.  We dingied over to the marina to do laundry.  Then we decided that we would take Persuasion over to the dock for fuel today because we want to get an early start tomorrow morning.  We pulled up the anchor and after fueling, we anchored again in the cove.  It is a very clean, nice marina. The sun came out shortly before noon and after lunch we walked up to Tim Horton’s and Foodland for a couple of items. Very hot and muggy.

And I did see my boat again!

After supper, we chatted with the couple we met in Baddeck who are from Duluth MN, and are also headed for the Bahamas.  They left from Rochester the end of May. It has been 2 months today since we left home.

Snapped a photo of Persuasion when we got back from our dinghy ride.  We had a moonlit night too.

Not many photos today as we had uploaded so many from this area when we were here before.

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