July 23 Ross Pond to Baddeck

A very peaceful night at this pond. We awoke to a bright, sunny morning with the weatherman predicting high temperatures for the day.  We knew it was to be a work day so got an early start. We changed the engine oil and transmission fluid. The live aboard needed a good scrubbing too.  We weighed anchor at 10:15 and headed out of the anchorage with Baddeck as our destination.

There was lots of beautiful scenery along the way.  The winds were SW 15-20 and we sailed most of the way to the bridge.  We passed marble Mountain and before long caught a glimpse of alot of the Race the Cape sailboats.

Got a shot of this church on a hill in Iona just before the Barra Strait Bridge.  And once again, the bridge did not open vertical.  Must admit, it is frightening sometimes, looking at it from a distance, wondering if we will hit.  Rolled out the jib again and sailed along.  We passed Spectacle Island, a protected bird sanctuary.

And on Red Head, one couldn’t miss the large summer home estate of Alexander Graham Bell, named Beinn Bhreagh (Gaelic for beautiful mountain).

Baddeck is every bit as beautiful as I remembered it when visiting here 24 years ago when we lived in Cape Breton.  Maybe even more so, seeing it from the water.  Such a peaceful, picturesque village.

We putted around, and loved being so close to the lighthouse on Kidston Island.  It is the subject of many published Bras d’ Or Lakes photographs.  We anchored across from the lighthouse, not far from the waterfront and the Alexander Graham Bell museum.

After anchoring we could hear the cries of a bald eagle who was perched up on a tree.  Not long after, his mate flew along and they rested on top of the tree for a long time.  Also, heard the cries and laughs of tourists from this tour boat as they sailed by.

We dingied over to check out the marina as the yacht club is building new docks and came back with a great dinner.  The Grade 11 students were at the yacht club selling tickets to raise money for their class trip to Ottawa next year.  Great chicken, baked potato, salad, roll and carrot cake.

Enjoyed a movie in the evening.  Tomorrow we will take a slip at the marina for the night and then maybe use their mooring balls.  We plan to stay here for a few days and do some walking in and around the village, so may not be updating daily.

Today we travelled 30.4 nm.

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