July 22 St. Peters to Ross Pond – Aground Again!

Very foggy this morning.

By 10:30 it had burned off so we weighed anchor, saying goodbye to Strachan’s Cove destined for West Bay or an anchorage in that area.  Mike wanted to try just towing the dingy but after we were underway for a bit, he decided it should be put back on the dingy tow. We were able to secure it by just bobbing Persuasion around a bit in neutral. It seemed like the Blue Heron came over to our side of the cove to say goodbye.

Got everything secured and started off again, heading for the markers but hit a shoal on the way there. Aground again! Tried backing her out but no luck.  Dingy back off the tow, and Mike in the dingy with a halyard.  Tried several times pulling her over on her side, but she wouldn’t budge off the bottom.  A older gentleman motored over in his 14 ft aluminum boat, 9.9 hp.  He was on his way to his camp and saw us grounded.  We got him a rope, he pulled from the bow and Mike from the side.  Took a couple of tries but she finally lifted off. We said goodbye to our good Samaritan and thanked him.   He said that was his excitement for the day and that he wanted to get a photo of us as we went by his camp.

We continued on, rolled out the jib and motor sailed a bit. Winds were SW 10-15 kn.  We cleared St. Peter’s inlet and was rather surprised at the length of the sandbar that this marker stood on.

This is where we officially entered Bras d’ Or lakes.  We saw a Coast Guard helicopter earlier today and then spotted it along the shore on hill with a tractor and some workers.  There was also a landing strip around there.

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by mountains and the scenery is quite breathtaking.  We decided on an anchorage at Ross Pond and headed in.   Very warm and lots of dog flies around today that gave a vicious bite.   We set the anchor at 14:30 and rested and then barbequed for supper.

Swatted all the flies and secured the screens on the enclosure as it cooled off nicely at night.  No cell phone coverage or internet at this location.

But we did have a beautiful sunset.

Today we travelled 22.6 nm.

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