July 19 Port Hawkesbury to St. Peter’s

It was a peaceful night and going to be another beautiful day. Chatted with some people at the club.  One couple arrived last night and are leaving today for Halifax.  They bought a sailboat in Belleville and after spending a few days in the Thousand Islands and Kingston, they left July 1 to sail her home.  Their club is in Shearwater and we are hoping to meet up with them there.  They offered us their mooring ball off McNabs Island.

We shoved off the dock at 10:00. I snapped this shot of a church across from the club on the mainland.

We also passed by the gypsum plant as well as the drywall plant and one of the largest fuel storage plant in North America.  The Point Tupper oil/coal/bio-mass generating plant looks defunct and maybe replaced by wind power.

The winds were  SW 10-15 kn and we motor sailed.  There was some great scenery along the way.  On our way up Lennox passage, we saw an abandoned boat on shore and a few feet away from it,  we  came across one man’s dashed dream.

We hailed the Lennox Passage lift bridge and we were put through right away.  It surprised us that it doesn’t go completely vertical so we were very careful getting off to the side with our mast.

Then we came to the opening to the Atlantic Ocean, with choices of where we could choose to go…..straight to jolly ole England or a different direction to a port somewhere in Europe or make a wide left turn to go towards the St. Peter’s canal.  So of course, we chose the canal.


At the canal, there is only a 2 foot drop . You get into the canal, the staff drops the water and then they drive over to the bridge to swing it.

We motored to Strachan’s Cove, around the bend from the canal and got a great anchorage not far from the marina.  We got a good hook and had a relaxing evening looking at photos and choosing some for our blog.  And oh yeah, today is our 39th wedding anniversary.   We also celebrated our 15th Anniversary in Cape Breton when we were living in Coxheah.  Where has the time gone?

Today we travelled 27.2 nm.

4 thoughts on “July 19 Port Hawkesbury to St. Peter’s

  1. Happy anniversary.!Carolyn and I had a great time camping. I didn’t like all the mosquitoes up there. I didn’t sleep well either. Not used to all the wild noises, loons are noisy at night and everything howled and pecked. So much for getting close to nature. I did enjoy all the swimming and of course eating. Looks like you folks are having a wonderful time and seeing lots of things and meeting lots of interesting people. It was good to talk to you the other day. hugsCharlene &Jack


  2. Belated anniversary greetings to you two love birds. We’re slowly playing catch up with your blogs (for some reason – we don’t get notification anymore). Will have to check on that ’cause I gotta get my fix of sea spray on my face with your great scribbles whilst cruising the open seas 🙂


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