July 16 Montague to Ballantyne’s Cove

Awoke to a beautiful sunrise.  We decided it was a good day to leave but waited until after breakfast to go out with the falling tide.  Loved our stay in Montague but it was time to say goodbye to PE and hello to NS.  We shoved off the dock at 09:45 in SSW 20 kn  winds and they sustained 20+ all day.


However, I got some lovely photos going out the Montague River.  We saw a couple of boats harvesting their mussels.

Once out of the river an into the Strait the winds picked up and were gusting 30 and more. When we passed George’s Head, NS they were 35. The waves were breaking over the bow of boat.

Let me tell you, today I would be happy saying I was a landlubber.  I definitely would have taken my house over my live-a -board. I would definitely not mind saying I was.  However, on a good note, with all the waves crashing over the boat, we are happy to say no leaks.  Guess the butyl tape did a great job around the wiring from the windlass in the anchor well.

Our destination today was going to be Havre Boucher, NS but because of the wind, we turned toward Ballantyne’s Cove.

There seemed to be no safe places to anchor out of the wind so we hailed the marina and took a slip for the night.  Really windy in the harbour too as we trying to get on the dock.

Very picturesque little place. And I am guessing from the sign on the bulletin at the club, we had to be careful of unwanted guests!

Met a couple of sailors from the Shediac Club who had sailed over to Summerside and then to here enroute to the Bras d’Ors.  We chatted with them for awhile.  It was a muggy night and there was a forecast for possible thunderstorms. 

Today we travelled 40.3 nm.

2 thoughts on “July 16 Montague to Ballantyne’s Cove

  1. Welcome to Nova Scotia!!
    Can’t help mentioning that Havre Boucher is my Dad’s old stomping ground 🙂 He grew up in Frankville and his family went to church and elementary school in Havre Boucher.
    See you soon 🙂


  2. Thanks Mon…we are here in Havre Boucher tonight. Hope to get to see your dad when we visit you. We added some more pics to this Ballantynes post tonight.


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